Jonathan Self

Jon Self is a Program Coordinator on World Renew's International Disaster Response team. He oversees the communications about international disaster response programs and manages the International Relief Manager program. 

Prior to World Renew, he lived in Burkina Faso for one year, working with a local international development organization as an adviser on strategic planning. Originally from Orangeville, Ontario, Jon holds an undergraduate degree in International Development, with a French Language Certificate, from the University of Waterloo. Jon lives in Burlington and loves music, traveling and French cuisine. 
Mar 9, 2017 by Jonathan Self

World Renew Reaches out to South Sudanese Refugees

Over one million South Sudanese families have already escaped the violence and famine and are taking refuge in northern Uganda. While the government of Uganda is welcoming these refugees, the infrastructure needs are great. Bidibidi is a refugee camp that has been created in Uganda since the outbreak of fighting last year. In the span of just 6 months this camp, which now stretches 22 kilometers, has become a home for nearly 300,000 people. One of the greatest needs in Bidibidi is proper sanitation.

Mar 1, 2017 by Jonathan Self

Four Days Away from CFGB Sunday!

Can you imagine the upheaval of being forced to leave everything familiar—friends, family, and all that gives you comfort—for a completely foreign environment? And even though years pass, you are still unable to return home. Before you were forced to move you had a steady income and were able to provide for your family. Now you don’t know if you’ll even have enough for your next meal.

Feb 22, 2017 by Jonathan Self

Severe Food Shortage Threatens Millions

Conflict in Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia and Yemen has resulted in over 20 million people facing severe hunger. In parts of north-central South Sudan, famine has been declared. This is the first famine that has been declared since 2011, when a quarter of a million people died during a famine in Somalia.

Feb 13, 2017 by Jonathan Self

Three Weeks Until CFGB Sunday!

This week we travel 12,000 km to Nazaret, a community in north-eastern Nicaragua. Lucia Méndez, a mother of four, is part of World Renew’s food security project in Nazaret, in partnership with Accion Médica Cristiana (AMC) and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. Through this project, Lucia is learning how to rotate crops, make better use of her land, and prepare her own organic fertilizers, compost and pesticides.

Feb 6, 2017 by Jonathan Self

CFGB Sunday is in Four Weeks

World Renew - in partnership with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB) - provided support to 200,000 people across 13 different countries in 2016. This ministry was made possible because of partnerships between individuals, businesses, churches, and growing projects in Canada that donated nearly $2 million. These donations were matched generously by the Canadian government, to the tune of $5.3 million! Put together, these funds financed the efforts of our local partners who joined hands with hardworking members in our communities to implement our projects.

Jan 17, 2017 by Jonathan Self

A Story of Generosity for Hurricane Matthew Survivors

Imagine you were sitting in the temple that day, watching this scene take place. A women walks into the temple – you recognize her because you were recently at the funeral of her late husband. Since her husband’s death, she has been struggling to make ends meet. With the little income she makes, she is barely able to provide for her children. Yet she walks, head held high, to the offering box and puts in two small coins. In comparison to the wealthy men and women who have already contributed, her offering is small and insignificant. Yet to her, this generosity is an incredible risk.

Jan 12, 2017 by Jonathan Self

Meeting Needs in Aleppo

World Renew is deeply grateful to all those who not only read such haunting words, but also responded by reaching out to help. You did not forget those living in Aleppo, and your actions have demonstrated God’s love and care for them. Through the generosity of hundreds of donors across Canada and the United States, over $100,000 USD was raised. Now your generous gifts will allow World Renew to continue its work of meeting the needs of the vulnerable Syrian families.

Dec 22, 2016 by Jonathan Self

A story of hope for families living in Aceh, Indonesia

Do you remember what you were doing on the morning of December 26, twelve years ago? Many of us in North America may recall waking up to tragic news stories of unimaginable destruction caused by a 9.2 magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami that devastated the country of Indonesia. For those of us who watched the disaster unfold at a distance, it may be hard to believe so many years have passed. Yet for many families in the region of Aceh, the painful memories of that fateful day will never leave.

Dec 19, 2016 by Jonathan Self

A Busy Season for IRMs Serving Disaster Survivors

”Busy” is a word that often comes to mind when we think about the Christmas season.