On April 16, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the South American country, Ecuador.

The powerful quake took the lives of more than 650 people and left thousands in need. Homes, roads, schools and entire communities were destroyed.

World Renew is responding.

World Renew has a long history of doing ministry within Ecuador. From 1983 through 2011, World Renew had staff presence in the country and worked with local churches and church-based organizations to promote adult literacy, improved health, sustainable agriculture, and income generation.

In the wake of this new crisis, World Renew is reaching out as a member of the Integral Alliance to help those most in need. 

World Renew is working with Peace & Hope Ecuador (PHE), a local Christian organization.  PHE, with World Renew, support is providing emergency food rations, hygiene supplies, and psycho-social support to 7,000 beneficiaries in some of the hardest hit communities. Where possible, this outreach is connected to local churches in target communities.

Your support is crucial to this ministry. Please mark your gift for World Renew’s “Rapid Response Fund”. This will enable us to respond quickly and effectively.