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Dec 21, 2012 by Bill Adams

Good News for Job... and for Us

“Have you considered my servant, Job?”Those words were spoken by God thousands of years ago when Satan returned from one of his malevolent tours of the earth.  God almost sounded like a proud father as He challenged the evil one to witness the integrity and faithfulness of His servant, Job.  The rest of the story is history, as they say.  The good news for Job was that he was highly esteemed by the Almighty… this is not a small thing, when you think about the fact that Almighty God spoke and the universe came into being, and that it is by His will... Read More
Dec 17, 2012 by Bethany Beachum

December 2012

I recently just returned from a visit to the East Coast of Nicaragua, one of many trips I have made to this region of the country in the past few months.  The purpose of the trip was to meet with a team of agricultural trainers who are part of the food security and sustainable agriculture program that World Renew (formally CRWRC) is implementing with indigenous communities on the East Coast.World Renew began the program in 2009 in an effort to extend its vision of bringing justice and restoration to communities in a region of the country that is highly vulnerable, exploited,... Read More
Dec 13, 2012 by Leanne Geisterfer

Caspar & Leanne December Ministry Update

Oh Come, Oh Come Immanuel.(Leanne) We’re writing at the beginning of Advent, a time of waiting and hope, a time to prepare our hearts to celebrate God’s gift and reflect on what this gift means for us. As I hum the familiar song, my mind wanders to the community of Gracias Adios and specifically to Ana Lilian Alberto Gómez, because of the hope that bubbled from her as she spoke about the women’s group she leads. She almost seemed to taste the vegetables that would be harvested from their community garden, even though they had only... Read More
Dec 13, 2012 by Mike Fennema

A Special Time of Year

This past year our family has been through a lot of health-related challenges which you have read about in previous newsletters. From reading church bulletins from back home, I know that many of you have also been hit by many kinds of trouble. May we all, during this Christmas season, take heart and be reminded of God’s love for us. The Prince of Peace has overcome.Perseverance In EducationDuring a recent trip to a village where World Renew has projects, I was encouraged by a determined young teacher who has been working in schools supported by our projects for four years.... Read More
Dec 13, 2012 by Mark VanderWees

Two Stories, Two Outcomes

This is the reality we live in: Community transformation is not a process carried out in a laboratory. Instead ‘real’ life often has influences that we cannot anticipate or that are beyond our control. Allow me to share the stories of two families who have both been a part of a “land bank” project for the last couple of years but have had two very different outcomes.Eliberto and Flor’s story is a classic story of ‘transformation,’ something we wish to see take place with every family and in every community where we work. It is a story of how... Read More
Dec 13, 2012 by Edward Okiror

What is in Your Hand?

Our work as World Renew and our partners’ work is mostly guiding communities as they identify “what is in their hands” —their resources—and then build their capacity and confidence to “throw it on the ground” and use it.Richard and Lucy Okello got married early in life, while they were both living in an internally displaced people’s camp in Gulu. They now have six young children. After the war, the family returned to what they call home: a once-vibrant village now reduced to isolation and abandonment. The Okellos are among 720... Read More
Dec 10, 2012 by Margaret Njuguna

Another Blessed Year!

The Wende Women’s Group is a registered organization made up of about thirty women, one-third of them being widows who are raising their own children as well.The group has several projects that help both the women and about 200 orphaned and abandoned children. The women have a savings and loan project where they get small loans to improve their various small businesses and improve their homes. The loans they give to each other earn an interest rate of ten percent, half of which they set aside for the orphans’ needs. Their other project that consistently supports the... Read More
Nov 29, 2012 by Rick DeGraaf

About Latrines

However, today’s generation is more familiar with the “Johnny-on-the-Spot” that are found on construction sites or fairgrounds. For many in rural Cambodia, the use of an outhouse—or “latrine” as they are more commonly known in Cambodia—is a non-essential, a luxury for the well-to-do.We’ve been working hard with our partners to change that, but it’s not that easy to convince people of the importance of a latrine. Even when offered at highly subsidized sale prices, it’s a challenge to convince rural community people to... Read More
Nov 29, 2012 by James Zwier

A Double Portion

A time to bring in the corn, harvest the rice, and prepare for the harvest celebrations. Two dozen farmers will have a double portion of harvest joy this year: they planted beans in their cornfields and will get two crops from the same land. The team I work with has been promoting green manure cover crops for several years, and we’re now seeing the results.Last year a handful of farmers planted beans in corn fields, and their crop this year was taller and greener than last year’s. That convinced their neighbors to try beans this year. They’ve seen that the beans... Read More
Nov 29, 2012 by Fred Witteveen

Putting into Practice

There has been chronic insecurity and conflict in the area ranging from politically instigated ethnic violence and land conflicts to natural resource-based conflicts and hostility fueled by an International Criminal Court process and the coming general elections.With signs of growing tension that include sarcastic humor, excuses for gossip, communication breakdowns, and disruptions, Anglican Development Services Nakuru—World Renew Kenya's new research and development partner—organized a training in conflict mitigation with local leaders from each tribe in the Rongai... Read More