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Dec 11, 2015

Whose Story?

We are living in a global context where many people around the world desire a better story for their current reality. The news daily is of bomb attacks, hostage-taking, plane crashes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and millions of displaced people and refugees. Our world is in a condition that needs a story of unconditional love and restoration. The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP21, is another recent example of human efforts to change a story. Leaders of many nations are trying to achieve a universal agreement for responding to changing weather patterns and its... Read More
Dec 8, 2015 by Carol Bremer-Bennett

COP21: Future Generations

“Every parent wants the best for their child…”For a parent, a child is their love, their world, the most important thing in their life. Parents would do absolutely anything to keep their children safe and to give them the best possible lives. As a young married man, I ask myself, how can we steward the earth to make lives of flourishing possible for our future children? World leaders from more than 150 nations have come together in Paris for COP21, the United Nations climate conference. These leaders came with powerful messages and similar goals. President... Read More
Dec 1, 2015 by Ruairidh Waddell

Zambia’s Perfect Storm

This has significantly impacted the level of vulnerability of rural and agriculturally dependent communities.World Renew is working with two of our partners to address food security issues in vulnerable rural communities. In Lundazi, CCAP (Church of Central Africa, Presbyterian) has been implementing an integrated livelihoods and food security program. This year their programmatic focus has been on strongly emphasizing drought mitigation techniques. This includes intercropping with cover crops, minimum soil disturbance, and early planting with drought tolerant hybrid seed. We hope... Read More
Dec 1, 2015 by Faye Yu

Imitation is the sincerest form of… behavior change?

When I talk to them on skype, they like to feed me food through the screen. While this is not “typical” boy play, and I don’t know many boys that ever requested kitchens for their birthday, this is very normal since my brother is a chef. My brother loves to cook and experiment in the kitchen. Since my nephews could walk, they’ve been helping my brother— stirring, pouring and even chopping (under very close supervision). They imitate him because they see this behavior often. They imitate him because they see this as something fun to do. What behaviors do... Read More
Dec 1, 2015 by Peter Timmerman

Food Shortages in Southern Africa

A few locations are able to take advantage of lowland areas that have water tables high enough to allow some farming year around (if they don’t flood). But most farmers look to the skies for rainfall to come and bring their seeds to life. Increasingly, due to changes in the global climatic conditions, the rainfall in the region changes and is diccult to predict. The usual planting season in Southern Africa is from late November to March. Last year the rains did not come until Christmas in many locations. After this late start, the rains came in torrents in early January,... Read More
Nov 1, 2015 by Harry and Greta Harsevoort

Nepal Update from the Harsevoorts

After we arrived, Harry bought 2 cell phones. Wow, what a process. His passport was photocopied, he needed to provide a separate passport photo, and he was fingerprinted. That was more of an ordeal than getting our 90-day visa at Immigration!Kathmandu is a large city of over 1,000,000 inhabitants and the traffic in the city is crazy. There are no traffic lights or stop signs and buses, trucks, taxis, motorbikes, bicycles and pedestrians all struggle and push to get through. One does see police directing traffic in some of the busiest areas.  Somehow, they do make it work! The... Read More
Oct 31, 2015 by Carol Bremer-Bennett

Beginning the Kingdom Work

The last few weeks have been exciting as my family and I adjust to life in West Michigan. We are getting used to some things that we did not have in New Mexico: humidity, mosquitoes, and traffic. We also are taking in the green grass and the beautiful lakes. Through it all, we marvel at this diverse and beautiful world that God has entrusted to us and allows us to enjoy!Although I grew up in Grand Rapids, my home has been in Rehoboth, New Mexico since I graduated from Calvin College. Any of you who have spent time in the southwest know that the red mesas, sagebrush, and... Read More
Oct 7, 2015 by Grace Wiebe

Super Typhoon Haiyan Impact

When I arrived, I received hugs all around by country staff and was welcomed by friendly faces and beneficiaries who know me. It was great to visit with them once again and hear about the wedding of one staff member, find out how a staff member with stage four cancer is doing, and hear the latest about everyone’s children.The purpose of my trip was to check on the progress of various projects and to also develop the plan for the next stage of our ministry.When I arrive, 1,258 permanent typhoon resistant houses have been completed. Five hundred and seventy three of them are... Read More
Oct 6, 2015 by Ruairidh Waddell

Teacher Feeds His Dwindling Class

Sam is a young, single man who has just completed his teaching diploma. While awaiting his government posting, he has come home and is putting his skills voluntarily to use, giving 70 children, who otherwise would have nothing, the basics of an education.I first met Sam while conducting our initial vulnerability assessment into the impact of the drought on the community in Mwandi. I drove up to the sunbaked huts that pass for a school, offering apologies for adding my trailing dust cloud to the lesson being taught in the tiny sand-floored classroom.Twelve pairs of eyes peered out from... Read More
Oct 6, 2015 by Faye Yu


This is a way for them to earn money for their household and to buy needed supplies for themselves. Many of them are looking for money to buy the most basic of items like soap and salt. For some of these young girls, it is their first time to see women in public with makeup and pretty clothes, and many of them want to emulate and be attractive like them.Pray for this project and this community, that we may be able to help the girls stop engaging in transactional sex and that they may find safe ways to earn money.For many of these girls in the market, it is also their first time... Read More