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Jan 30, 2017 by Carol Bremer-Bennett

Our Call to Stand With Refugees

I was raised in a Dutch immigrant family. I sat in church pews twice every Sunday with my parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. As one family, we learned of God’s immeasurable love and call to show that love to the people of the world. I experienced what it means to be adopted in family and adopted by God. For this, I rejoice.On Friday, January 27, President Trump called for a temporary halt to accepting thousands of refugees displaced by conflict -- and in so doing, he potentially disrupts  the clear and historic call of the church I serve and love. For this, I... Read More
Jan 5, 2017 by Ruairidh Waddell

The Power of Partnership

For the past month my family and I have been on our connections tour in the United States and Canada, visiting supporting churches, foundations, institutions, and of course many friends. This has given me lots of time to reflect on the special way World Renew works and the incredible and special partnerships we build and facilitate between ourselves and supporters, ourselves and communities in Zambia, and, most important, the lasting partnerships formed between Zambian communities and communities and congregations across North America.“I witness that power in action every day... Read More
Jan 5, 2017 by Steve Sywulka

Hopeful Transitions

What an extraordinarily difficult transition!Our family is going through transition too, albeit not nearly as traumatic as the camp dwellers in western Africa.For ten years we have been blessed with being able to see change happening in communities in western Africa. In the midst of much negative change, we have also witnessed positive changes as people learn to dream, plan, and work together. We have met some wonderful people. We have worked to improve access to food, water, learning, income, and health. We have shared about Jesus with people who knew very little about him. And now... Read More
Jan 3, 2017 by Rebecca Warren

Doing Justice in Ottawa

The staff from Citizenship and Immigration Canada emphasized that it was very important for us to say the words out loud rather than silently mouthing the words—so important so that they actually walked around to check that we were making sound as we spoke.On December 1, 2016, the board members of World Renew Canada, along with staff members Ida Kaastra-Mutoigo (Co-Director) and Melody Mendonca (Advocacy Manager, Good Soil Campaign), gathered in Ottawa for meetings with several MPs to ask the government to increase support for international agricultural development in support... Read More