Friday, December 15 - Free A Family East Africa

Free A Family® helps people overcome poverty through community programs in agriculture, health, nutrition, literacy, and more. The end result for all participants is nutritious food, clean water, improved health, and increased income.

The Engongu family is from Otubet, Amuria District, Uganda.

Moses and Loyce support their family by farming a small plot of land. 

One of the main challenges for the Egongu family and other farming families in the area is unpredictable rainfall. When rain is in short supply, it affects their harvests and threatens their ability to make a profit. Like many farming families, the Egongus continue to hope and pray for steady rain and other weather conditions that are favorable for good harvests.

In Uganda, World Renew works through its local Christian partner, PAG KIDO (Pentecostal Assemblies of God), to teach farmers modern farming practices and conservation agriculture techniques - techniques that take drought into account. 

Build resilience through World Renew's community development programs for families like the Engongu family in East Africa.

Join Free A Family® East Africa this Advent!

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In exchange for your generous support, you’ll receive four updates each year about the Engongu family. In this way, you and your family can learn about and celebrate the life-changing impact your gift brings each month.

Thursday, December 14 - Duck (International)

Believe it or not, this duckling is a Superduck.

World Renew discovered that Khaki Campbell Ducks are a secret weapon in the fight against malnutrition. One duck can lay over 300 eggs a year!

Manjura in Bangladesh (where the growth of 59% of children is stunted) received two Superducks from World Renew. These ducks are her treasures, and she has found a clever way to feed them, collecting tiny floating green plants from her neighbours’ flooded rice fields and mixing them with rice bran. She feeds them well because they  in turn, feed her, her granddaughter, and her aging mother!

Manjura learned the connection between a duck egg’s high quality protein and growth for her daughter, between an egg’s vitamins and minerals and robust health for herself and her  mother. As she grows her flock, she can enjoy not just eggs, but meat, extra income from selling eggs and feathers, even duck dropping as fertilizer!

Stand in the gap between between insecurity and fruitful work, between malnutrition and good health with the gift of a Superduck.

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Wednesday, December 13 - Adult Literacy Class (Haiti)

It’s easy to take the ability to read for granted - when you have it. Those of us who wear reading glasses can take them off and see very quickly how debilitating it is to not be able to read signs, recipes, instructions, bills, letters. Not being able to read a beautiful poem or song, an exciting novel, or the Bible would be a great loss.

Josette is a mother living in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She has never been to school and cannot write her own name. Last year she bravely enrolled in a World Renew literacy class. Giving up time she could use to work and facing the unknown of a classroom, Josette was an eager and motivated learner. “Learning to read and write will help me find good work” she says. “People have tried hard to help me find work, but even the job selling items on the street is hard for me.” 

The thing that excites her the most? “To help my 13-year-old daughter study and do her homework,” she says.

Since 2010, more than 2,000 people have graduated from a World Renew-sponsored literacy program in Haiti. World Renew is teaching adults to read and write in 11 countries around the world because we know that people like Josette will bloom in so many ways once they own the gift of reading.

Stand in the gap between courage and accomplishment with the gift of a literacy class today.

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Tuesday, December 12 - Village Savings and Loans Training

Gertrude is a grandmother caring for nine grandchildren in Zambia. If she gets in real trouble financially, there is no bank officer on speed dial to bail her out. She would go without basic essentials, like food, clothing, education for her grandchildren, and even eviction from her two-room rented house. 

Through World Renew, Gertrude joined a Village Savings and Loans (VSL) group. 

A VSL is a self-selected group of people that pools small amounts of money into a communal fund. Members receive loans with the approval of their peers and pay them back with interest, causing the fund to grow and creating annual investment returns that range from 30-100%. Offering its members financial poverty and dignity, a VSL is a powerful too in combating extreme poverty in a systemic, long-term way.

A VSL protects its members from loan sharks and “feeding pantries.”

Your gift of VSL training includes a lock box, books, ledgers, and passbooks along with training for the group of members who will walk with each other towards financial security. 

Stand in the gap between poverty and income security, between dependence and dignity!

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Monday, December 11th - Sewing Machine

KIDS, what did the needle say to the thread?

Thanks SEW much!

And that is what Magreth says about her sewing machine. A sewing machine might not seem like it could change your life. But Magreth's has changed hers.

Magreth was born into a large family in Tanzania, and her parents could not afford to send all their children to secondary school. Magreth didn't go to school. Instead, she became a mother at a young age. But she wanted all of her own children to go to school. She wasn't sure how to do this until she learned about a sewing class in her community offered by World Renew. She attended every class for eight months, studied hard, and practiced carefully - and graduated at the top of her class!

With a gift of a sewing machine, Magreth has opened a sewing shop in hter village and makes clothes for young and old. Magreth is now the mother of five children and knows she can afford to send them all to school so they can learn a lot and have jobs some day.

When you buy a sewing machine for someone like Magreth in Tanzania, you help them learn how to sew so they can earn their own money and take of their family.

Step into the gap between survival and thriving today.

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Meet the Marak Family

Friday, December 8 - Free a Family Asia

The Marak family is from Meghalaya, India. They live in the Nongladew village, a place with majestic mountains reaching up to the clouds. Amid this scenic beauty lies a small thatched mud house shared by Martha Marak and her four children.

Martha moved to this village when her husband abandoned her in 2009. It was a difficult time for her, and she was forced to start over with absolutely nothing. However, through hard work and strong willpower she managed to build a house and begin farming a small plot of land to support her four children. She also hires herself out as a day labourer for jobs such as washing, cleaning, and working on other people’s farms.

Learn more about the Marak family here and consider joining World Renew's Free A Family program! Stand in the gap for those facing poverty.

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A Community Health volunteer showing a mother her baby's GM performance (nourished or malnourished levels)

Thursday, December 7, 2017 - Community Health Volunteers

Community health volunteers are World Renew's essential partners in providing women and babies with prenatal and postpartum care, and focus on the first 1000 days of a baby's life. Lack of proper care during this period puts children at risk for severe malnutrition, stunted growth, and disease, all of which will burden that child for life.

In Bangladesh, Safina Begum is a community health volunteer. One of the mothers she mentors is Manuara, whose second child, Mobarak was born health at a normal birth weight. But 12 days after Mobarak was born, as Safina made a regular visit to check on him, she discovered he was still at birth weight. Despite her coaching, Mobarak continued to lose weight. Safina then convinced his mother to take him to the hospital and helped her get a loan from the nutrition project to pay for it

After her baby returned home, Manuara continued to receive visits from Safina. She carefully followed her advice about breastfeeding and nutrition. Mobarak is now a healthy and happy one-and-half year old who was already learned to walk.

Step into the gap between vulnerability and health, between lack of care and a strong start in life. Provide a community health worker training.

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A girl in her new wheelchair.

Wednesday, December 6 - Wheelchairs

Nigerians with disabilities suffer overwhelming challenges. There are few resources that might make going to school or working possible. Those unable to walk due to injury or disease or deformity are left simply to crawl on their hands and knees.

Over the last 18 years, World Renew's partner in Nigeria, Beautiful Gate, has made over 14,000 wheelchairs and donated them to people of all religions, offering a powerful witness in a country struggling with religious tension and violence.

A gift of a wheelchair comes with support and education that empowers the receiver, their families, and their communities. It teaches the value of each person and their right to a productive life.

Step into the gap between dependence and possibility, between stigma and dignity.

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Mother and her children talking to a health worker in Honduras.

Tuesday, December 5th - A Nutrition Kit for Children

Almost a quarter of young children in Honduras experience stunting due to malnutrition.

A nutrition kit includes soybeans, vitamins, and medicine that will be administered by a trained community health worker whose goal it is to education families who want to care for their precious children - children like Fernanda.

Fernanda lives in Agua Zarca, Honudras, where she is doted on by her mother, father, and grandmother When she was 11 months old, her family noticed that she had stopped growing and started to lose weight. Fernanda's grandmother visited the community health worker who was able to diagnose that she had a parasite. The health worker provided not just testing and treatment but valuable hygience advice for preventing recurrence, as well as a nutrition kit so that Fernanda could regain weight.

Step in the gap between malnutrition and health so that children like Fernanda can thrive!

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Mother and child in Cambodia

Monday, December 4 - A Healthy Baby Bundle

You've heard the adage "It takes a village to raise a child." 

When you give a Healthy Baby Bundle, you join a village of people walking alongside mothers and their newborn children as mentors for health.

Millions of children around the world suffer the effects of poor nutrition and lack basic care in their first 1000 days, leaving them burdened with physical and cognitive challenges for life. The simple interventions of a trained community health volunteer and regular monitoring of nutrition and growth can truly fill this gap, giving each child a healthy start in life.

Your gift includes a baby scale, a toddler scale, and HIV test, and a child nutrition kit of soybeans, vitamins, and medicine. 

World Renew provides training for the community health volunteer who will use these things as she educates families who want to take the very best care of their precious children - volunteers like Begom in Bangladesh, Mada Forah Jalloh in Sierra Leone, or a group of 9 women in the Pialor cluster of Laos, all key players in promoting and supporting health education to reduce infant mortality. Parents like Fatema and Manuara and Suma are eagerly receiving the knowledge and support they need to care for their beloved children. 

Step into the gap between malnutrition and health, between feeling helpless and being empowered.

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