4 JUST Girls

Sometimes, hope starts with girls. Meet the brave women who are finding their voice in Bangladesh. With your help, they can change their world.

4 Just Girls

Hope starts with girls.


This fall, join World Renew and the girls of Bangladesh in bringing fresh opportunity, income, health, and justice to 25,000 people. Thanks to One Day’s Wages, every dollar donated in the United States can get matched, up to $100,000.


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Your church can host an offering for the Just Girls of Bangladesh by downloading our free resources. Thank you for joining us.


group of women sitting in a circle on a tarp outside

Seamstress, Mother

Mafusa learned to sew from her mother, Diwilara. Now, they are business partners, working together to run a shop where they create the most exquisite saris and kurtas in Bangladesh. Diwilara gained her sewing skills through the People’s Institution and found a way to provide for her family. She then taught Mafusa to sew, and together, Diwilara and Mafusa taught Mafusa’s daughter. Today, Mafusa is a young woman benefitting from new economic opportunity and a young mother instilling in her daughter the same strength and love of beauty passed down to her by Dwilara.

woman sewing by sunlight from the window
group of women sitting in a circle on a tarp outside

Age: 15, Grade: 9

Too many of Fajima’s friends have been betrothed and taken out of school for marriage. So Fajima and her fellow classmates have decided to change the story. Not only do these young women advocate for leadership and educational opportunities for girls, they also serve as People’s Institution representatives, elected to join their elders in advancing community development initiatives, extending loans to local female entrepreneurs, and educating their larger community on the downfalls of childhood marriage. Fajima has boldly stood for the rights of girls, and now it’s time for us to boldly stand with Fajima.

three young girls smiling for the camera outside
group of women sitting in a circle on a tarp outside

Chairwoman, The People’s Institution

For Rozina, the true beauty of the People’s Institution shines in how different people hold each other accountable to reinvest local resources in ways that promise to bring positive change to Bangladesh. Rozina acts on the front lines of such change, bringing a special focus to the People’s Institution’s healthcare initiatives. This means Rozina assists mothers in proper feeding, nutrition, and weighing of their newborns and consults with families about care for their differently abled children, reporting back each week to the rest of the People’s Institution. Rozina is one of thousands of women using her voice to bring hope to the people of Bangladesh.

women laughing on the floor with notebooks in front of them