Advocate for Refugees

The civil war in Syria has resulted in over 200,000 dead; over 11 million in need of humanitarian assistance; over 6.5 million internally displaced; and over 4 million refugees, half of whom are children.

The United States has accepted around 1,500 Syrian refugees since the start of the conflict. Canada has accepted about 1,000 Syrian refugees this year. In comparison, 12,000 refugees have landed on the Greek island of Lesvos in one day alone.

As Christians, it is our responsibility to support the vulnerable. Let us urge our governments to accept more Syrian refugees.

In Canada, ask your MP how the government will address the concerns and challenges of Sponsorship Agreement Holders, so that we can welcome refugees. Click here for a Talking Points document. Contact Prime Minister Trudeau or your Canadian electoral candidate.

Letter from Canadian Ministries Director, Christian Reformed Church in North America

Other Letters:

In the U.Scontact President Obama.

Letter to Congress signed by Carol Bremer-Bennett, Director, World Renew U.S. | October 2015