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250,946 people changed their story through our community development programs
Hassana resists arranged marriage
250,946 people changed their story through our community development programs

Hassana Resists an Arranged Marriage

World Renew has been providing health and rights training among young adults in Senegal and Nigeria for the last four years. The $2.3 million project, funded by a grant and your donations to World Renew, is helping school dropouts increase their income, end risky behaviors, and fend off violence and sexual abuse. Since 2013, the project has changed the lives of nearly 10,000 young adults in 153 youth groups, as well as parents and other community members in 186 parent groups.

“I was promised in marriage when I was a baby,” said Hassana. “My fiancé approached my family to fulfill the agreement when I was 17. I was upset. I did not love the man. I talked with my peer group about it, and they helped me approach my parents and our community leaders. We discussed the downfalls of early marriage. Thank God, I was released from the Arrangement.”

Because Hassana spoke up, with the support of her group, the village council also started a process to ban forced marriage and adopt the idea that every girl has a say in what becomes of her life. Although a 4-year contribution for this program from Global Affairs Canada ended in 2017, World Renew is continuing to offer health and vocational education to out-ofschool youth in Nigeria and Senegal in 2018.”

2,515 Free a Family Donors gave nearly $1 million to free 3,735 families from poverty worldwide
Martha Marak
3,735 families freed from poverty worldwide

Freeing Families From Poverty

Many people around the world want a better future, free from poverty. World Renew’s Free A Family® program involves mothers and fathers in integrated, community-based development programs in health, income, agriculture, literacy, and more. It helps people help themselves and each other as they work to break the poverty cycle. Free A Family® efforts are carried out through local Christian partners and encourage the integration of people’s faith and development. In 2017, more than 3,735 families had new opportunities to improve their health, develop in their skills, find solutions to financial challenges, and experience the love of Christ, thanks to Free A Family®. These positive steps were made possible through the 2,515 families in North America who offered their prayers and financial support while joining with families as they changed their story on the journey out of poverty.

1,447 international communities joined World Renew through a local church or outreach ministry
Uganda Hawkey
1,447 international communities joined World Renew through a local church or outreach ministry

Grace in Famine and Drought

In 2017, famine and drought in east and southern Africa caused the largest humanitarian crisis since World War II. While drought has been a recurring issue, the sheer number of hungry families who struggled to survive this year was without parallel. Food shortages in countries like South Sudan and Nigeria were exacerbated by ongoing conflict that made it nearly impossible for families to safely work in their fields or go to the market.

World Renew responded through local partners in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, South Sudan, Uganda, and Zambia. Thousands of families received lifesaving food assistance, ensuring that they had enough to eat until the next harvest when they could again sustain themselves. “In the last year we had too little rain in Uganda, so we did not get any crops. All our crops failed,” said Mary Yorem. “I have four children, three girls and one boy. This food donation from World Renew means my children can eat in the morning.”

In total, 3,072 volunteers gave 254,404 hours of their time to serve others. That is equivalent to 128 full-time employees

How our Funds are Spent

World Renew is deeply committed to being trustworthy in carefully stewarding with absolute integrity your financial investment in people who are affected by poverty, disaster, and injustice.

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