Beth Degraff

Aug 26, 2017 by Beth Degraff

World Renew Prepares to Respond to Hurricane Harvey in Texas

Wind gusts from the storm registered at 130 mph and rain storms are predicted to continue throughout the coming week as Harvey stalls out and possibly turns back to the east, dropping up to 30 inches of rain and producing widespread flooding. Although many residents evacuated beforehand, nearly 1,000 people are reported to have sought emergency shelter and widespread power outages and water or wind damage are making movement dangerous.

Oct 6, 2016 by Beth Degraff

Haitians Need Emergency Assistance after Hurricane Matthew

World Renew is responding to extensive damage from Hurricane Matthew, which made a direct hit on the southwest corner Haiti on Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2016. World Renew staff on the ground in Leogane and Duchity are assessing the needs of those who were affected and are determining how resources can best be used to provide emergency aid to those who need it most – even as Matthew heads for the U.S. East Coast today.

Oct 4, 2016 by Beth Degraff

World Renew Haiti Staff Assess Damage from Hurricane Matthew

At sunrise this morning, Hurricane Matthew was battering the southwestern tip of Haiti as a Category 4 hurricane. The gigantic storm is packing 145 mph (220 km) winds, dropped 20 to 40 inches of rain on the country, and blew 7- to 10-foot waves onto the western coast. World Renew is appealing for funds to respond to the destruction caused by Hurricane Matthew.

Aug 25, 2016 by Beth Degraff

World Renew Announces Appointment of Director of Disaster Response Services

“We are thrilled to have Bob serve within World Renew in this new role,” said Carol Bremer-Bennett, director for World Renew in the U.S. “Bob brings relational strength to the job and embodies the vision and values of the organization. We are confident in his leadership and look forward to how he will lead the DRS team for the future.”

Jun 3, 2016 by Beth Degraff

More Floods Hit Texas, World Renew Responds

DRS regional managers are in several of the affected communities this month as residents start to recover, offering the organization’s services. This includes building estimating, needs assessments, clean up, and home repair and rebuilding. World Renew DRS is seeking financial donations to expand its current response to the flooding.

Feb 8, 2016 by Beth Degraff

Healing Deep Wounds of the Heart and Spirit

Their house was burned down, and the property around their village was destroyed. Danladi survived the brutality, but his life was changed forever. 

Jan 21, 2016 by Beth Degraff

Lives Intersect in World Renew’s North Carolina Responses

She quickly got up and ran towards the sound. When she opened the door to her spare room, she saw what happened – water damage caused the ceiling to collapse.

Oct 5, 2015 by Beth Degraff

World Renew Joins Response Planning in South Carolina Flood

“Our Regional Managers are participating in planning and coordination for a response to the flooding in South Carolina,” World Renew DRS Director Ron Willett said this morning. “However, until it’s safe and the water has subsided, search and rescue teams are regulating access to the affected areas.”

May 27, 2015 by Beth Degraff

World Renew Disaster Response Services Set to Respond to Texas Floods

After nearly a foot of rain fell on Houston and nearby parts of Texas on Monday night, World Renew Disaster Response Services (DRS) has deployed an early response team that was in the area to begin to make critical contacts, assess flooding, and gauge damage to homes and businesses in affected areas.