James Zwier

Jun 18, 2014 by James Zwier

Preventing Human Trafficking

(LAOS) Last year, a group of 27 young people from Pho village were tricked into working in a sugarcane plantation in Thailand. Everyone was caught by surprise: the village leaders, World Renew staff, and district social welfare officials. It is first time we’ve heard of a major human trafficking incident in one of our target villages.

Dec 30, 2013 by James Zwier

Christmas in Laos—What a Foreign Idea!

(LAOS) When you're poor, like people in the remote villages of northern Laos who partner with World Renew, you don't often have the luxury of taking a rest day. But people in the large cities have begun to adopt some of the commercial trappings of Christmas—lights, colors, Christmas trees, sweets, and gifts.

Nov 4, 2013 by James Zwier

How are we doing: Ten Years of World Renew Work in Xieng Khouang

(LAOS) This month we are busy evaluating the progress made in the communities World Renew started working with five years ago — or in some cases, ten years ago.

Apr 3, 2013 by James Zwier

Ten Years Down the Road: Sustainable Development Continues

(LAOS) Recently I visited two communities that have seen the long-term results of seeds planted over a decade ago: savings and loan funds started almost twenty years ago are still growing, village leadership rotates and remains strong, and community togetherness is high. In collaboration with ZOA and World Renew, Viengthong and Si villages laid the foundations for their continued development to this day.

Nov 29, 2012 by James Zwier

A Double Portion

(LAOS) A time to bring in the corn, harvest the rice, and prepare for the harvest celebrations. Two dozen farmers will have a double portion of harvest joy this year: they planted beans in their cornfields and will get two crops from the same land. The team I work with has been promoting green manure cover crops for several years, and we’re now seeing the results.

Jul 10, 2012 by James Zwier

Growing Beans Makes Better Corn

(LAOS) Summer in Laos means rain – lots and lots of rain! We get a thunderstorm almost every day, and for a few days last week it rained without stopping. Since we live in the mountains, the rains bring cooler temperatures and let us sleep without a fan at night. It’s really quite pleasant! We moved to a new house in mid-May and are happy to be settled in a comfortable place. Our old house needed repairs that couldn’t be done while we lived in it, and we were constantly itchy because of mold and dust. Our new house is full of light, with a large living room and a beautiful flower garden. We live next door to our landlords, a friendly Lao family with two girls. We are blessed to live in such a quiet, peaceful place.