Kellie Scholma

Kellie Scholma is Communications Coordinator for World Renew Disaster Response Services. She and her family live in Grand Rapids, MI.
Jul 17, 2018 by Kellie Scholma

A New Home in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

An elderly gentleman in Puerto Rico lost his house to Hurricane Maria in September 2017. To get by, he was living in a makeshift building made of scraps he found. This spring he became the owner of a brand new home built by volunteers from Adventist Agency for Development and Resource Assistance (ADRA) and World Renew Disaster Response Services (DRS). The weather in Puerto Rico was hot and humid while volunteer teams were at work on the house, but they were serving and sweating for the glory of Jesus, the Ultimate Servant.

Feb 13, 2019 by Kellie Scholma

Update: Hurricanes Florence and Michael

Four months after Hurricane Florence hit the Carolinas and Hurricane Michael tore north through Florida Panhandle and into Georgia, regional managers for World Renew Disaster Response Services (DRS) visited with local leaders to plan World Renew's long-term response to these major disasters. Their updates follow here:    Hurricane Michael, by Eric and Nancy Johnson, Regional Managers for World Renew DRS

Dec 20, 2018 by Kellie Scholma

California Wildfires by the Numbers

One thousand of 14,232 properties in three counties have, so far, been cleared of hazardous household waste so that fire-related debris can be removed. One thousand sixty-five fire personnel worked tirelessly to successfully contain 100 percent of the fires by December 2018. Today, all of the fall wildfires in California have been put out after the area recently received a good dose of much needed rain. But the rain also brought new challenges for homeowners who were affected by the fires.

Nov 29, 2018 by Kellie Scholma

Restoring Homes for the Elderly Two Years after a Flood

My husband, Denny, and I and two other couples arrived a week before home repair work began to set up the housing center for the first team DRS volunteers. Our housing was a lovely Christian camp used all summer for youth and family activities. In April 2018, we closed the site for the hot summer months and moved all of the DRS household, kitchen, and bedroom belongings into tool trailers until fall so the camp could use their space.

Oct 4, 2018 by Kellie Scholma

Help Clean-up After Florence

DRS - Imagine everything in your home floating within your walls or even right out your window. The heavy job of cleaning out the mess after flooding can be overwhelming both physically and emotionally.

May 2, 2018 by Kellie Scholma

Miss Mae Returns Home After Harvey

DRS: Tell us about the people on whose homes you worked.PJM: Their experience with the hurricane, what it meant to them that we were I can’t really explain that in what I can share here.

Mar 2, 2018 by Kellie Scholma

Rebuilding Homes in Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

“Linda is a single mom in Puerto Rico who is raising five of her kids by herself,” said George and Helen Andringa, World Renew DRS volunteers. “She worked hard to save enough money to buy a piece of land on a hilltop at the end of a winding road. The family was living in a small, 2-bedroom house on the land when Hurricane Maria hit and destroyed their home.

Feb 13, 2018 by Kellie Scholma

Recovering from Hurricane Harvey in Port Arthur, Texas

Many times, people have no choice but to live in unsafe conditions. World Renew DRS is able to find and help people who have respiratory and other health issues because they are living in damaged, waterlogged homes and can’t afford to move.  Although many families who have the resources are repairing their damaged homes, trustworthy electricians, plumbers, and carpenters are hard to find, and scams are common after a disaster.

Nov 8, 2017 by Kellie Scholma

Our Time in Tarboro, North Carolina

Because World Renew Disaster Response Services (DRS) worked in this area after Hurricane Floyd in 1999 and Irene in 2011, there is a relationship between World Renew DRS and the local long-term disaster team headed up by the United Methodist Church.

Oct 31, 2017 by Kellie Scholma

On the Ground After the Hurricanes

Kevin is normally a calm unruffled man, but he spent a terrifying night riding out Hurricane Harvey in his boat in his garage. He heard a banging on the garage throughout the night. In the morning, he realized it was his truck floating in his yard, knocking against the garage. Almost everything in his house and garage was ruined by water.