Peter Bulthuis

Aug 21, 2019 by Peter Bulthuis

Are we going to show God’s love to our former enemies?

Well…no. In Lebanon, there appear to be layers of paradoxes, clothed in dichotomies, wrapped in secrecy, all in the contexts of shifting relationships. One new friend told me: “If you understand the Middle East, then it has been explained poorly to you.” There is, however, one rock-solid thing I saw during my time in Lebanon: God is moving people, cultures, and communities to show His glory and His power. Wait--I’m getting ahead of myself.

Oct 4, 2017 by Peter Bulthuis

South Sudan: Students CAN Make a Difference!

Another school year has begun—can you believe it? You may have seen (or even taken) photographs of children setting off on their first day of the year—sometimes eagerly, sometimes not so much. I recall moments like these well from my years as an educator and as a parent of school-aged children. I still find myself hoping and praying that schools will continue to give young people plenty of opportunities to learn about God’s world and to use their God-given creativity, abilities, and potential to make a real and important difference.