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Connect global ministry with your local church!

"Do you have a heart for the poor? Are you passionate about helping others through acts of justice and mercy? If you know your church and love connecting others with World Renew's ministry, we have just the opportunity for you!

Become a World Renew Ambassador

Across the globe, World Renew is helping people overcome hunger, poverty, disaster and injustice. We are all in this marvelous work of Christ together: communities, churches, partners, supporters, disaster survivors, field staff, and office staff. As an Ambassador volunteer, you will serve for three years and have the inspiring, integral role of connecting your church with the very communities where World Renew works. You will use your time, skills, and gifts to help motivate people to learn about and give support to World Renew programs.

In short: you will be the hands, feet and eyes of World Renew in your church-and we will give you the tools and guidance you need to serve.


To serve as an Ambassador is to act as World Renew's key contact and resource person in your church. You will ensure that devotional materials, bulletin inserts, videos, and other vital resources get to the right people (such as your church's Mission Team). Through you, more people will learn how to get involved in life-changing World Renew projects!

A key part of your role will be promoting and supporting 2-3 World Renew campaigns or programs a year in your church—which amounts to approximately 5 hours of service per month. For example, your church can take part in:

  • The World Hunger Campaign - An annual campaign that equips churches and families to learn about, pray for, and give support to the fight against global hunger. This campaign includes powerful stories of people in developing countries revitalizing their livelihoods through World Renew programs.

  • The Gift Catalog Program - Through a special giving catalog, this annual Gift Catalog program raises funds toward gift items that bring transformational development to poor families around the world. Over $1.2 million is raised every year through generous supporters!

  • DRS Sunday - Every year, churches across North America designate a day to pray for and support the ministry of over 3,000 Disaster Response Services (DRS) volunteers giving of their time and talents to assist communities after disasters strike.

  • The Maternal and Child Health Program - Pregnant women and babies in developing countries often face serious health risks due to lack of education and resources. Through community-based health programs, World Renew is helping improve the health of pregnant women and children for the long term. Your church can hold an offering to support this lifechanging work.

  • CFGB Sunday - The Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB) is a partnership of 15 churches and church agencies working together to end word hunger, through supporting people in meeting immediate food needs, through improving agriculture and improving nutrition.

As you carry out World Renew's ministry in your Ambassador role, rest assured that you will receive the orientation, training, and materials you need every step of the way. We are excited about the unique passions and gifts you will bring as you serve!

Together with you, World Renew will help more of God's children embrace their true vocation as ambassadors committed to collaborative activities of justice, mercy, and love.


In addition to being available by phone and email, we will also send you the following regular communications:

  • A Welcome package - to start off your new role

  • Ambassador Dispatch - monthly emails

  • World Renew Ambassadors Facebook group page

  • World Renew eNews monthly emails

  • Opportunities for...
    - video and teleconferencing sessions
    - online courses such as “When Helping Hurts”
    - Ambassador Learning Tours both in North America and overseas


To become a World Renew Ambassador click HERE! To learn more about the program, please email us at or connect with one of the individuals below.


Maria Oliveira: 1-800-730-3490 or

United States

Wendy Hammond: 1-800-552-7972 or


Please note, at this point, we are only set up to facilitate ambassadors from within Canada & the USA.