Best Gifts for Animal Lovers

Need a gift for an animal lover you know? Check out our top 5 items from our Gift Catalog!

1. Whole Barnyard

For subsistence farmers, owning animals can make the difference between barely surviving and having sufficient food and income year ‘round. Cows, goats, pigs, ducks, and chickens contribute milk, eggs, meat, and manure to farmers’ diets, income, and land, facilitating their economic and physical wellbeing. World Renew and its Christian partners help farmers acquire animals and provide training about keeping them healthy.


2. 25 Ducklings

What can you get for about a dollar each? How about 25 ducklings! Give a farmer a gift of being able to provide more food and better health for his or her family. World Renew’s Khaki Campbell ducks produce more than 300 nutritious, protein-rich eggs a year.


3. Beehive

Communities where World Renew works are buzzing – with bees! Your gift of a beehive not only provides a farmer with honey to sell for income, bees also increase crop production by pollinating plants for several miles around the hive. Sweet!


4. Bestseller Bundle

The bestseller bundle is your most favorite gifts. It includes a chicken, beehive, goat, Goats & Quackers, the Friendship Pack, a cow, Where Needed Most, a family-sized water filter, and the Farm Team. Your most loved gifts change the lives of the people who need it most.


5. Farm Team

The farm team is ready to play! It includes one of each animal and bird in this catalog: a goat, pig, cow, duck, chicken, and a set of 25 ducklings that provide families with more milk, food, eggs, and income to feed and support themselves. Hit poverty and hunger out of the park!


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