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Best Gifts for Kids

Give a gift that means even more this holiday season! Here are the top 5 gifts that you can give through World Renew’s Gift Catalog on behalf of the kid in your life!

A woman in Bangladesh standing with her pink bicycle

1. Bicycle

A bicycle gives people who live in rural areas the ability to travel to nearby schools and villages. Your gift of a bicycle helps a child attend school through grade 12 or provides transportation for health and agriculture volunteers who visit homes and farms to train and help families.

Close up photo of a rooster and 4 chicks

2. Chicken

You’ll want to scramble to get a chicken for families to raise for food, fertilizer, feathers, meat – and of course, eggs! Your gift helps parents earn a stable income and provide more protein for their families.

Kenyan woman smiling in a chicken coup and holding three eggs

3. Farm Team

The farm team is ready to play! It includes one of each animal and bird in this catalog: a goat, pig, cow, duck, chicken, and a set of 25 ducklings that provide families with more milk, food, eggs, and income to feed and support themselves. Hit poverty and hunger out of the park!

Woman with red headscarf holding a toddler

4. Food for a Month

Whether at home or across the world, food can be scarce in a crisis. You can provide a month of food to a family in a disaster overseas. Includes a month’s supply of beans, rice, cooking oil, and more for an extended family.
Kenyan woman feeding a black goat

5. Friendship Pack

Give the gift of friendship! The Friendship Pack is one goat and three chickens that provide nutritious milk and eggs to help children grow up healthy and live a longer, more fulfilling life.


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