Top 5 Gifts for Parents

In need of a meaningful gift for a parental figure in you life? Here’s the top 5 gifts for parents from our Gift Catalog that are sure to make them smile!

1. Family-sized Water Filters

Women and children spend hours each day gathering and carrying water cans in communities without access to clean drinking water. A family-sized water filter from World Renew gives a household in-home access to clean water and has a life-changing impact on a family’s workload and health.


2. Handwashing Station

A foot-powered handwashing station gives people access to soap and water to help stop the spread of germs and disease. This handwashing station is easy to build and can be made from low-cost, locally-sourced materials. Give the gift of good health and hygiene!


3. Herd

Give the whole herd – one pig, one cow, and one goat to help families raise food to eat and earn better income. The herd includes vaccinations, training in animal raising, and instructions for growing forage crops so that the farmers have the best chance for success.


4. Nutrition Kit for Children

When moms and dads struggle to provide their children with nutritious food to eat, World Renew helps parents supplement their children’s diets to ensure that they grow up to live full, healthy lives. A nutrition kit includes soybeans to make soymilk, medicine to stop parasites, and vitamins for essential nutrients. Get one, two, or the kit!


5. The First 1000 Days

The first 1,000 days of life, from conception to 2 years old, are critical to a baby’s survival. You can provide training for community health volunteers who visit pregnant women and their newborns at home with hygiene and nutrition information, clinic referrals, and monthly growth monitoring.


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