Bowden Walk-a-thon

On September 7, the Bowden Institution in Southern Alberta is holding their 7th annual walk-a-thon. This year, the event will raise funds for World Renew’s work in Uganda, in partnership with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

In the Nebbi District of northern Uganda, erratic rainfall patterns and recurring drought has left many farmers with incredibly poor harvests. World Renew is helping farmers as they learn to grow successful crops in this difficult environment. Your donation throught the Bowden Institution Walk-a-thon will help farmers break free from the cycle of hunger.

This year, our goal is to raise $25,000 for World Renew’s work in support of farmers in Uganda. A gift of $100 is enough to support one family for an entire year. By reaching the goal, 1,190 people will be impacted.

And, through a match from the Canadian Government, your donation will be doubled!

As the inmates of Bowden Institution take steps – literally – to help families on the other side of the world, we ask that you generously support their efforts. Together, we can help those that do not have enough to eat.








Photo credit: Edward Echwalu


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