Bowden Walk-a-thon

On September 9, the Bowden Institution in Southern Alberta is holding their 5th annual walk-a-thon. This year the event will raise funds for World Renew’s work in Kenya, in partnership with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

There are families in Kenya that go to bed hungry every night, and recurring drought has left many farmers with incredibly poor harvests. This year some farmers had nothing to harvest. With no food right now, and no way to escape this cycle of drought, many Kenyans have an uncertain future. Your donation through the Bowden Institution Walk-a-thon will make a difference in their lives.

World Renew is providing food assistance to drought-stricken families and teaching farmers how to grow resilient crops that are able to withstand the devastating cycles of drought.

The walk-a-thon is “a chance for the inmates to make a difference for others who are suffering due to drought, and to show that they care about things beyond the fence – that they aren’t the stereotypical offenders some make them out to be,” shared Rev. Bud Sargent, the prison’s chaplain.

Last year, 297 inmates collectively walked nearly 2,000 kilometers in a walk-a-thon that raised over $30,000 for a World Renew program in Ethiopia.

World Renew is thankful for the hard work and compassion of these inmates and is excited to partner with them again this year to reach out beyond the fence and show families in Kenya that they have not been forgotten in their time of need.

As the inmates of Bowden Institution take steps – literally – to help families on the other side of the world, we ask that you generously support their efforts. Together, we can help those that do not have enough to eat.





Image credit: Courtney Klassen - CFGB