Lindsey DeVries invites you to support the Third Annual Canada Day 5k Run in Dual Acres, Shallow Lake, Ontario! Proceeds go to support the helping hands and hearts of The Green Shirts!

World Renew Disaster Response Services (DRS) responds to disasters in a variety of ways. These include:

  • Early assessment - before teams can be sent into disaster areas, information must be collected in order to know how we can best help.

  • Rapid response - This phase of DRS' response addresses the clean-up needs by mucking out, removing downed trees and completing minor repairs after a disaster, especially covering roofs to protect homes from the elements. Rapid Response is a great opportunity for a group that is able to organize quickly.

  • Needs assessment - Needs Assessment is the process of going door to door in disaster affected communities to inventory unmet needs, and provide a database of these needs to a community organization.

  • Organizational Capacity Building - This phase of DRS' response assists local recovery organizations and helps them expand their ability to help disaster survivors.

  • Reconstruction - When the "Green Shirts" (DRS volunteers) go into an area, a contract is signed and DRS stays the course - repairing/rebuilding damaged homes - until what we promised is delivered.

  • Groups - From 1 volunteer to many, a group partners with a local organization in a disaster affected area doing work from cleanup to reconstruction.

  • Community Development Consultation - Helping local recovery organizations move from disaster response to addressing the long-term needs of their community is the last phase of DRS's work.