Carol's extensive experience in Christian ministry spans more than 20 years of organizational leadership, leadership development, and administration in a variety of teaching, principal, superintendent, and director positions in the Rehoboth, New Mexico, Christian school system.

Carol is an educator by training, with an M.A. in educational leadership from Western New Mexico University in Gallup. She has served on the Calvin College Board of Trustees and served as a deacon.

Carol says her early relationships were formed by her childhood in West Michigan when she was adopted as an infant by Paul and Jackie Bremer. After graduating from Calvin College, she headed to New Mexico to explore her Navajo heritage. She found her place when a Navajo leader ceremonially adopted her as his sister.

Adoptions have played an ongoing role in her family. Five of her six children are adopted. She and husband Theo Bremer-Bennett have three children of Navajo descent and three of Ethiopian descent.

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