The Canadian Foodgrains Bank is a unique partnership of 15 member churches and church agencies with a commitment to fighting hunger.

World Renew has been richly blessed to be part of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank since its beginning in 1983. That's 35 years of grains harvested across Canada to support communities around the world, 35 years of partnership with Christian churches and church-based organizations, and 35 years of effectively responding to hunger worldwide.

World Renew's ability to provide large scale disaster response and rehabilitation programs on a global scale today is largely due to this amazing partnership. Gifts from individuals, churches and community growing projects towards World Renew's account at the Foodgrains Bank are vital. When disasters strike, World Renew is able to tap into this account to begin to respond immediately without first having to solicit funds. What's more, the funds in the account are often matched by the Canadian government (up to 4:1). Other members also contribute towards World Renew's programs.

As a result, World Renew is able to multiply ministry and help even more people because of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

Frequently Asked Questions


The Foodgrains Bank is first and foremost a Christian response to world hunger. It enables 15 different Christian denominations to work together as we follow Christ’s call to care for the poor and needy among us. As food assistance and other programs are carried out, the global witness of Christ’s love is strengthened. For more information, visit


Funds raised throughout the year from churches, individuals and Growing Projects are put into the specific accounts of member agencies like World Renew. When a disaster occurs, the funds can be withdrawn and used immediately. This means that World Renew doesn’t have to solicit funds before it can decide if and how it can respond - we can act right away.

When a new food assistance project is approved by the Foodgrains Bank, member agencies can withdraw the needed funds from their accounts and they are automatically matched 4:1 by Global Affairs Canada. Foodgrains Bank members also support each other with the equity from their own Foodgrains Bank accounts. If one agency is able to respond to a particular need and other members aren’t, the others contribute financially – thereby increasing the amount of funding and assistance that is possible.

For example: on average, a $20 donation made to World Renew for food assistance attracts about $10 from other Foodgrains Bank members. The resulting $30 is matched 4:1 by the Canadian government, adding $120, for a total of $150. In other words, your $20 donation becomes about $150 – enough to help feed a family for two or three months, and provide for their longer-term food security.


World Renew is one of the five founding members of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. Today, it joins 14 other church-based agencies to make up the Foodgrains Bank. On behalf of its members, the Foodgrains Bank collects grain and cash donations, provides funds and expert advice for projects, and manages the purchase and shipment of food aid.


In the past year, World Renew has programmed $9.9 million to support projects in 13 countries. This includes large-scale projects in Syria, Lebanon, Nigeria, and Bangladesh. Since the Canadian government matches every $1 we raise with up to another $4, a large portion of our total budget is made up of government contributions.


There are a number of ways that you can support World Renew through the Foodgrains Bank. Click on the link on this page to donate directly to World Renew's CFGB programs.

Another exciting option is to participate in a community growing project. Through growing projects, groups of people plant, tend and harvest a crop, then sell it. Proceeds from the sale of the crop are then donated to World Renew's account at the Foodgrains Bank.

Local businesses often help by donating inputs such as seed, chemicals and fertilizer, and services such as trucking, insurance or promotion. Not only does this help keep costs down, it fosters a sense of community spirit as local people work together to help hungry people in the developing world. Through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, inputs are also available from national agro-sciences corporations.

Individuals can also create their own growing projects, giving the proceeds from the sale of a portion of their crop to World Renew's CFGB account.
Although many growing projects are found in rural areas, urban churches get involved by partnering with rural congregations to provide funds for inputs, or by donating to the project’s overall fundraising goal. This is an excellent way to bring urban and rural Canadians together over a common goal of helping people who are hungry.

For more information about existing growing projects in your area, or to learn how you can start one of your own, please visit or call us at 1-800-730-3490.