CFGB Sunday 2019

On March 3, 2019, we are encouraging churches across Canada to hold an offering for World Renew's work through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

For over 35 years, churches have generously supported the work of World Renew through the Foodgrains Bank to end hunger around the world.

In the last 25 years, the number of hungry people in the world has dropped by nearly 100 million people. We are incredibly grateful for the small part we have played in this story of global transformation. We thank God for this ministry, and we thank you for your faithful partnership.

However, our work is not yet done. Millions of families still do not have enough food to eat, and we continue to need your support. That is why, each year, we ask churches to hold an offering for this important work.

All donations, made individually or through churches, are eligible for a match through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank of up to 4:1.

This year, World Renew has printed bulletin inserts and/or covers, a bookmark*, and an advocacy resource sheet with an accompanying postcard that you can use on CFGB Sunday 2019. Click here for these resources.

*The bookmarks are ideal for use in church mailboxes in the week(s) leading up to CFGB Sunday 2019 to get your church ready!

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