Cyclone Idai has destroyed homes, and devastated crops, infrastructure and livelihoods throughout southern Africa. This is one of the deadliest storms to ever strike the region.

Idai has caused at least 650 deaths and affected over 2.6 million people.

Humanitarian needs are enormous, and growing. Families have lost food stocks and crops have been wiped out. Assistance is needed now and for months to come.

World Renew is responding to this crisis with local Christian partners, and your support is urgently needed to help reach as many people as possible. By donating today, you can help ensure that World Renew has the resources to help those most severely affected by this crisis.

Your gift will provide families with life-saving baskets of food, blankets and temporary shelters, and seeds to replant crops that were destroyed.

Please pray for strength, resilience, and the healing of Christ for affected families. And please donate now.


What’s the impact of Cyclone Idai?

On March 4, heavy rains began to fall in southern Africa, causing significant flooding throughout Malawi and Mozambique. Several days later, this storm moved out over the ocean and strengthened into a Category 3 storm. With 175 mph winds, Cyclone Idai returned inland, causing enormous damage and displacing thousands of families, before dissipating on March 21.

Over 2.6 million people have been affected by Cyclone Idai, one of the most devastating storms to ever hit this region. At least 650 have been killed, and thousands more displaced. Thousands of acres remain underwater, and risks of ongoing flooding are high. While the immediate humanitarian needs are enormous, there are significant concerns about the long-term impact of Idai.

Many families have completely lost their food stocks, and crops have been wiped out, leaving thousands without sources of income and few ways to put food on the table. Humanitarian responses need to meet the immediate needs of food, water, and shelter, while also addressing long-term recovery efforts.


How is World Renew responding?

In Malawi, World Renew is partnering with a trusted local Christian partner to provide emergency supplies to 1,000 people, including blankets, tarps, and kitchen supplies. A local team is currently visiting affected communities to determine how to respond in the coming weeks. Many families have lost food stocks and are in urgent need of food. Donations will help to support World Renew’s efforts to provide life-saving food assistance to thousands.

In Mozambique, World Renew is working closely with partner organizations who have a long history of community development and disaster response programming in the region. There are significant concerns about the long-term impact of Cyclone Idai in Mozambique. This storm devastated communities who were approaching harvest season. Nearly a year after last harvests, food stocks were already low, before being completely wiped out by Idai. Crops that families were depending on for income and food for the next year have been destroyed, leaving families in a state of crisis. World Renew is exploring a response that would provide long-term food assistance and agricultural rehabilitation for months to come.

Your generous support is greatly needed to respond to the enormous humanitarian needs throughout Malawi and Mozambique.


Will my donation be matched?

Yes. All donations are eligible to be matched for World Renew’s Cyclone Idai response.

In Canada, donations are eligible to be matched up to 4:1 through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. 


Header Photo credit: Josh Estey of CARE
First body photo credit: Sean Sheridan
Second body photo credit: ACT Zimbabwe Forum