Jean Felix and Manette Delice have four children: Fedner (14), Sarah (13), Christine Marie Naomie (9), and Jonathan (5). Fedner and Sarah live in Port-Au-Prince where they attend high school.

Jean Felix and Manette are Christian parents dedicated to giving their children good lives and improving their community. Since 2010, the Delices have been involved in several community development activities.

Jean Felix is a skilled and experienced leader with a passion for community transformation. On January 12, 2010, when a major earthquake struck Haiti, Jean Felix had already left his hometown and moved to Port-Au-Prince. Jean Felix’s own parents, Louis Denord Delice (85) and Marie Tilia Auguste (84) lost their house in the earthquake. Jean Felix returned to Blain and began to organize his community to adapt to the post-earthquake reality. In 2012, he founded a community development association called UPDIP. The following year, UPDIP become a member of a network of farmer associations that was being organized by World Renew’s partners.

The Delices and all of the families in their community use rainwater for their needs around the house — for drinking, cooking, washing, and other activities. For many years, the community’s main source of water was cisterns. People walked a long way to get water. Recently, the Delice family was involved in a project to help solve their water problems. With help from World Renew and Free A Family®, the farmer’s association worked with community members to construct an 11,000-gallon rainwater collection system that now provides families with the clean water they need.

The community of Blain is also excited to have achieved their goal of building an emergency shelter to use during hurricanes and other natural disasters. Jean Felix and other members of the community worked with the Red Cross of Switzerland and World Renew’s partners to construct a shelter large enough to lodge 300 people. What a blessing!

World Renew’s field staff observed how well the Delice family has dealt with the constant succession of crises that threaten lives and livelihoods in their community. Even challenges such as natural disasters have not brought them down, but instead led them to increase their commitment to transformation in their community.

Family members: Jean Felix (father), Manette (mother), Fedner (14), Sarah (13), Christine Marie Naomie (9), and Jonathan (5)

Hometown: Blain, Leogane, Haiti

Source of Income: Jean Felix is a farmer and a community leader.

World Renew Partner working with the family: FOTADEL

World Renew Reporter: Troy Sanon

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