Moses and Loyce support their family by farming a small plot of land. They grow beans and cassava, and they also raise some animals. These activities not only help them to provide for their children, but also allow them to work together with people in their community.
One of the main challenges for the Egongu family and other farming families in the area is unpredictable rainfall. When rain is in short supply, it affects their harvests and threatens their ability to make a profit. Like many farming families, the Egongus continue to hope and pray for steady rain and other weather conditions that are favorable for good harvests.
Through World Renew’s local partner, PAG KIDO, Moses and Loyce have been learning about modern farming practices and conservation agriculture techniques.
Moses has also joined a village savings and loan association that enables community members to save funds together so that they have money to use for farming and other activities to earn their livelihoods.
“Through our savings group, we can save money and use it to invest in our cassava business,” said Moses. “Loyce can use the profits from the business to buy good food for our family and meet our other household needs.”

Family members: Moses (father, 1970), Loyce (mother 1980), Isaach (son, 1996), Caroline (daughter, 1997), Aaron (son, 1999), James (son, 2002), Joshua (son, 2004), Paul (son, 2007), Unice (daughter, 2009), Angella (daughter, 2009), Moses Paul (son, 2011), Emma (daughter)

Hometown: Otubet, Amuria District, Uganda
Source of Income: The Egongu family farm a small plot of land. They grow beans and cassava. They also raise some animals.
World Renew Partner working with the family: Pentecostal Assemblies of God
World Renew Reporter: Edward Okiror