Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry in our world and is growing concern especially in poor communities.

Children who are undereducated and unemployed are at risk of being lured by the promise of jobs and a better life outside their village. Once they leave, however, they can become ensnared in a life of forced labor, forced marriage, or sexual exploitation.

World Renew and our local, Christian partners are working to combat human trafficking by improving people’s educations and job opportunities within their home communities. We are also providing training about what human trafficking is and how to prevent it. 

In Bangladesh and India World Renew uses street theater and other techniques to teach parents and young people about the risk of human trafficking. They then encourage community members to work together to recognize trafficking schemes and protect young people.

In the Malto community in Guti Pahar, India, for example, human trafficking prevention training is having a positive and lasting impact on many lives. Young men and women used to be so desperate for new opportunities that they would leave for any offer of work that came from outsiders—without asking questions or considering the exploitation that could ensue.

Through the training provided by World Renew partner staff, the village gained a new awareness about the harm of human trafficking. Now village members meet together to ascertain the credentials and complete contact information of anyone recruiting people from their village.

Local pastor, Rev. Israel, said, “Now there is reduction in trafficking in the Malto community as the awareness level has increased”.