Stephan Lutz, holds an MSc. in Ecological Agriculture and a BSc. in Tropical Agriculture from the University of Kassel in Germany. He has worked for the last 16 years with World Renew in Kenya, first as a volunteer, and then as Program Consultant consulting with Anglican Church-based relief and development organizations throughout the country. Stephan's fortes: organizational capacity building for transformational community development through the implementation of multi-thematic programs (mostly in agriculture/food security, water, health/nutrition and village savings and loans).

Stephan has a passion for environmental stewardship and restoration, climate change advocacy, strategic thinking, servant leadership, participatory community development and working with small holder farmers in producing nutritious and diverse foods in an ecological, economic-viable, empowering and sustainable way. Born and raised in Honduras (Central America), Stephan has lived and worked in several other countries, including Germany, USA, Mali and Kenya. He currently resides with his family in Kenya for the last 16 years.

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