Foods Resource Bank

We invite you to support poor farmers around the world by contributing to World Renew’s program account at Foods Resource Bank (FRB) on FRB Sunday, April 22, 2018!

When your congregation gives on FRB Sunday, your donations help World Renew reach subsistence farmers through agriculture projects that are funded by our membership in Foods Resource Bank. You can give to World Renew’s account at any time during the year using the donate button on this page or clicking HERE.

Your gift can change the story for hungry farm families because it makes possible programs that

  • teach improved farming techniques that increase food production.

  • promote crop varieties that are more drought tolerant and disease resistant so that farmers are less exposed to risk.

  • protect soil, forest, and water resources so that the land continues to be productive.

  • enable poor families to acquire chickens, dairy goats, and other small livestock that increase their access to eggs, milk, and meat. 

  • expand production and consumption of nutritious fruits and vegetables through gardening and agro-forestry

The result is that farmers have sufficient food to feed their families year-round and have increased income to cover school fees and uniforms and to pay for health services.

Your FRB Sunday gift in 2018 also helps to meet the needs of women and children. In Africa for example, about 70 percent of all farm work is done by women, and female farmers make up a large portion of the participants in World Renew’s agriculture program.


World Renew FRB Sunday materials are available! 
CLICK HERE to learn more and get involved. 



Find out more about how to get involved in World Renew’s agriculture programs with FRB below.


Foods Resource Bank (FRB) is a Christian non-profit organization based in the U.S. that is committed to raising resources and awareness to support smallholder farmers in developing countries as they grow lasting solutions to hunger. For more information about FRB, go to


Each year hundreds of volunteers—including farmers, church volunteers, and business people—participate in growing projects and other fundraising activities in their local communities to raise money in support of small scale farmers around the world. In a typical growing project, farmers contribute their land, equipment and time while a church raises money for the farming inputs. When the crop is sold, the proceeds are given to Foods Resource Bank and designated for a specific agency, such as World Renew. On average, FRB raises $3 million per year to support 50 or 60 overseas programs. World Renew is one of the 16 implementing organizations that benefits from FRB funding.  


As an implementing member of FRB, World Renew joins 15 other development agencies who receive funding through FRB to carry out agricultural development programs around the world. World Renew has been an implementing member of Foods Resource Bank since it was founded in 1999.


World Renew is receiving financial support from FRB to implement twelve programs for small farmers in Cambodia, Guatemala, India, Kenya (2), Uganda (2), Nicaragua (3), and Bangladesh. Your FRB Sunday contribution will go into World Renew’s account at FRB where it will be used to support one or more food security program that is being implemented by World Renew. 


For more information about getting involved with World Renew through Foods Resource Bank, email or call 800-552-7972. Thanks for helping to grow lasting solutions to hunger!