Making a living is not easy, especially when starting from scratch. Finding capital to begin a business, and funds to bridge income gaps, is not easy and sometimes men and women face moral dilemmas as they try to break out of the lonely cycle of poverty.

World Renew's Literacy and Village Savings and Loans (VSL) programs are often implemented at the same time in vulnerable communities.

A direct relationship between development and literacy exists. Significant illiteracy makes building capacity in a community very challenging. World Renew establishes literacy groups and classes. These groups often become VSL groups!

VSL focuses on the resources, intiative, accountability and social support available in the community, establishing groups and a process for making weekly savings deposits into a group fund. The group manages the fund, makes decisions about who can receive loans and what the terms are, and holds each other accountable for repayment of the loans.

World Renew also addresses livelihood restoration after a disaster... see stories from the Philippines Typhoon Response and the Nepal Earthquake Response, for example.

Vocational training also changes the stories of those engaged in the wrong kind of work. Provided through our HIV and AIDS program, girls can turn from transactional sex work to safe ways to earn money, and even back to their educations.

You too can help men and women create the fruitful work they need for themselves and their families to thrive!