Global Engagement Opportunities for Churches

How can one church respond to the multitude of needs in our world? When you are besieged with different requests for support or involvement, how can you make sure that your church chooses the best option for effectively meeting needs while also fitting your church’s gifts and vision? World Renew can help.

Find Your Fit

Every church congregation is unique and has different passions, perspectives, and contexts. World Renew offers a variety of options to fit with the focus and “DNA” of your unique church community. 

Start by choosing a GLOBAL ENGAGEMENT STRATEGY that fits your congregation. You can learn about the various partnership options below or download the brochure from the bottom of this page. We have created a downloadable discussion guide to help you get started. Click here to download the guide. Next, complete this form. This will help World Renew know the heartbeat of your church family and will add shape to our future partnership with you. You may find there are several options that describe your church or that you are already doing some of these! Simply check all that apply and let us know where you are at.  

Remember, World Renew also has a team of people who are committed to helping you sort through these options and answer any questions you may have. Contact us at any time for more information.


Connect your church to World Renew’s work in a specific country.

  • Choose a country that your church wishes to support

  • Learn about the country, staff, and ministry happening there

  • Pray for them regularly

  • Support this ministry with financial gifts (amount varies from church to church)

  • Build relationships with staff through email, social media, correspondence, video calls, etc

  • Host staff when they are visiting North America

  • Receive newsletters & country profile cards & photo

For more information on Basic partnerships, click here.


Connect your church to World Renew’s work in a specific community/church.

  • Through prayerful conversations, listening and learning, our staff will help you discover your church’s DNA and how it can be used to begin a partnership with a specific World Renew community or partner

  • These partnerships involve prayer, correspondence, trips (both to and from), and a desire for mutual learning, growing, and sharing

For more information on Adanvaced partnerships, click here.


World Renew has a place for you.

Opportunities to engage globally are available for short-term, semester long, six months or a multi-year internships for individuals and families. World Renew provides opportunities for churches interested in exploring focused church partnerships to discover the right fit through learning visits to our programs sites.

The Global Volunteer Program also offers learning workshops throughout the year that focus on poverty and cultural intelligence within global missions.


Invest time & resources in causes of justice, advocacy, and educating yourselves & others in prevalent global issues of today. Choose an issue that your community can learn about, wrestle with, advocate for, and/or financially contribute towards for a period of time (1-2 years)

Ways to engage in justice issues include:

  • Educate Yourself: educate yourselves on the chosen issue through workshops, small groups, books, that World Renew can often help provide and facilitate

  • Advocate: help spread the word for the cause. Raising awareness about these root issues is essential to the defeat of poverty and injustices

  • Support: Commit to regularly praying for those impacted by injustices. Commit to giving financially to the cause through various World Renew campaigns and programs that seek to address your chosen issue 

    Examples of Issues to Tackle: Child and Maternal Health • Gender Inequality • Human Trafficking • Food Insecurity • Creation Care • Climate Change • Migration and Refugees • Religious Persecution


Invest your focus on responding when disasters hit.

Disasters including drought, earthquakes, flooding, war, and tsunamis are having an increasing impact in our world. World Renew responds when these disasters hit, both in the immediate need and the long term recovery. Commit to responding with us!

  • Gather special offerings and strategically plan to protect funding for these needs

  • Pray with us for these desperate situations — even well after the news and media has dwindled

  • Partner with us as we also look to the long term needs. World Renew promotes solutions that will help people avoid or be better prepared for future disasters. The goal is to “build back better” and ensure that individuals and their communities can continue on a firmer footing

Disaster Response also includes domestic disasters.

Launch people from your congregation to be part of the Disaster Response Services team. Volunteers give of their time and talents to help clear debris, assess needs, and rebuild homes after disasters strike.


Invest time and finances in helping a refugee individual or family begin a new life in Canada

  • Support a refugee resettlement. This requires time, finances, and support from your church family

  • World Renew Refugee staff will help provide direction, administrative support, and will help manage your resettlement process

  • Commit to prayer for the refugee crisis around the world

  • Engage in outreach with refugees in your local community


A growing project invites members of a community to share their gifts, time, resources and expertise to raise money for our partners organizations Food Resource Bank (US) or Canadian Foodgrains Bank (Canada).  A growing project's proceeds support's World Renew's partnerships with FRB & CFGB in sustainable agricultural development programs overseas.  Growing Projects are often related to agriculture, but the opportunities are endless.  Look at the assets you have. This could be land, money, skills, machinery, seeds, livestock, creativity, or elbow grease.  Growing projects not only support hungry families and farmers, but also provide unique opportunities for creativity, awareness, and fellowship when a community comes together around the issue of hunger.