On November 8, 2013 the central Philippines was battered by a super typhoon known as Haiyan.

While the Philippines experiences 20 to 25 typhoons each year, Typhoon Haiyan was stronger and caused more extensive damage than any other storm in the world this year.

Approximately 14.4 million people were affected by Typhoon Haiyan, and 673,000 people are displaced and homeless. The storm killed an estimated 4,460 people, knocked out power lines and destroyed infrastructure. Some say that it may be the most powerful typhoon to ever hit land.

Today, World Renew continues to work in communities throughout the Philippines. In the early days after Haiyan, the focus of programming was on emergency relief — making sure local communities had the basic necessities. Over time, this shifted to early recovery and eventually the construction of permanent shelters and latrines.

Since March 2015, programs have been focused on livelihoods rehabilitation and economic growth in the municipalities of Concepcion and Estancia. The current project, Restoring Empowering and Protecting Livelihoods (REAP), is supporting 1,925 people—over 60% of whom are women. It focuses on sustainably improving household income through opportunities in agriculture, fishing, alternative livelihoods, and savings and loans.

As this work continues, please keep the people of the Philippines in your prayers, that they would be strengthened and better prepared for future storms.

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