Students from Hamilton District Christian Highschool's (HDCH), Christians in Society Class and WATCH group are coordinating a Water Walkathon on Wednesday, May 22nd to support the WASH (Water, sanitation and hygiene) projects being implemented by World Renew in Nicaragua and Guatemala.

Please donate to this cause today

Support the students who are walking to raise awareness and support in order to purchase handwashing stations and family water filters within these two regions of the world.

The students will be walking a 3 KM pathway carrying buckets of water to get a sense of what so many individuals do daily on a global scale to provide a similar amount of water for their family.

The challenging part is quite often this water is often not clean enough to drink and so this project is being coordinated to help make a difference in the lives of families within these two countries that World Renew is presenting focusing on supporting with this water initiative.

Please join us in this campaign to help those in need today.

For all donations, you will receive a tax receipt via email from World Renew.

Your online support is vital for this campaign.

Blessings and thanks for your generosity in supporting families in Nicaragua and Guatemala.