On October 4, Hurricane Matthew made landfall on the south-western tip of Haiti, battering the country with winds of over 220km/h, 3 meter waves and 50-100cm of rain. In some areas, the damage is more extensive than the 2010 earthquake.

Hurricane Matthew left over 1.4 million people in need of humanitarian assistance. According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance, the death toll from is 546, with 438 injured an additional 128 missing.

World Renew is responding.

Since the hurricane devastated Haiti's southern peninsula, World Renew has provided 3-months of food assistance, tarps, water filters, clean drinking water, and other much-needed supplies to over 8,000 people. In the coming months World Renew is helping to repair houses that were damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Matthew. This project will help the most vulnerable members of communities, including the elderly, disabled and female-headed households.

Through your support, World Renew is able to provide hundreds of families with one of the most basic human needs - safe shelter! The need in Haiti continues to be great and your continued support will allow World Renew to help even more families. Please donate today to the Hurricane Matthew response, and keep the people of Haiti in your prayers.


Banner photo courtesy of the St. Boniface Haiti Foundation.

A church in Duchity after Hurricane Matthew.