The hurricanes of 2018 left incredible damage from Florida up to North Carolina.

A year after the 2018 hurricanes, your financial donations and volunteer efforts are still making an impact.

Between 2017 and 2018, five major hurricanes made landfall in five different areas of the United States. Thousands of people’s lives were devastated. Thousands of others, like you, reached out in compassion with financial gifts to help  survivors. Here are just a few ways your gift has been making a difference in their lives since then. However, this is not the end. Your collective support is making it possible for World Renew Disaster Response Services (DRS) to continue to help people who were affected by hurricanes Michael, Florence, Harvey, Irma, or Maria when their need is greatest — now and in the future.

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-Update Winter 2019-

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October 2018 Update 

Hurricane Michael
Hurricane Michael hit the Florida Panhandle as a growing Category 4 hurricane today, with 140 mph winds, a foot of rain, and up to 13-foot storm surge, affecting people from Tampa to the Alabama state line... click to read more.

PHOTO TOP: Search and rescue crews walk past debris caused by Hurricane Michael in Mexico Beach, Florida, U.S. October 11, 2018. REUTERS/Jonathan Bachman

Hurricane Florence

World Renew DRS is helping with clean-up in North Carolina for six weeks, beginning October 15, 2018, and working through November.

While Florence loomed on the Carolina’s mid-September,  a World Renew DRS partner said, “This is going to be catastrophic. Hurricane Florence has and is leaving her mark on Lumberton and all around the Carolina's…(many) survivors are going to go without; being displaced, no money and no hope of funds on their own to sustain themselves. This does not even count the homeless population…Please continue to pray as the Lumber River should by all rights crest sometime between this afternoon and tomorrow morning; as of the last report. Cape Fear running through Fayetteville is going to crest at 65' somewhere during this same time frame!"


How will financial gifts be used?

Financial donations will:

  • help clean out flooded homes
  • provide assessments to connect those who might fall through the cracks with needed support
  • repair damaged homes in the months and years ahead
  • help communities organize their response efforts
  • bring volunteers to pray with and show the love of the Lord to hurting survivors

“We are not often the first on the scene,” said Bob Laarman, Director of World Renew DRS, “but we are often the last to leave. For example, DRS was still working 7-8 years after Katrina, 5 years after Superstorm Sandy, and three years after flooding in Texas. We've only completed on year of work after Harvey, Irma, and Maria (fall 2017) and will be working for several more years. We are dedicated to helping as long as possible. Financial gifts TODAY will ensure we can help for years to come.”

Interested in learning more about the ways in which DRS is responding to past disasters? 

World Renew DRS has more than 45 years of experience providing volunteer labor and free recovery services in communities that are affected by natural disaster in the U.S. and Canada. World Renew prioritizes assisting disaster survivors who may “fall through the cracks” in these communities, such as the elderly, people who live below the poverty line, people with disabilities, and homeowners without insurance or in other circumstances that prevent them from recovering on their own. Learn more at


NOTE: Financial gifts are the best way to help. We encourage donors to delay sending in-kind donation such as clothing and shoes. Why? Watch this short video to learn about how versatile your dollars are.

To support those most impacted by the hurricanes, click the button beside the headline to give online.

You may also mail a check marked "Hurricane Florence" and/or "Hurricane Michael" to:

World Renew Canada
3475 Mainway
Burlington, ON  L7R 3Y8

World Renew US
1700 28th St SE
Grand Rapids, MI  49508



Consider taking an offering and use any of the following resources: 

  • Bulletin Inserts, Florence and Michael: 2up color, 2up grey, 1up color, 1up grey

  • PowerPoint Slide

  • Church announcement:

    Donate to the Hurricane Florence and Michael Response: World Renew Disaster Response Services (DRS) is responding to Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael; both hurricanes caused major damaged to the areas they hit. Your donations today will help with clean-up, assessments, and home repairs for the next several years. Please give generously to the Hurricane Florence and/or Michael response at, by calling 800-552-7972 US/800-730-3490 Canada, or mailing your check, made out to World Renew, with "DRS Hurricane Florence" in the memo line, to: World Renew, 1700 28th St., SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49508 or World Renew 3475 Mainway, PO Box 5070 STN LCD 1, Burlington, ON L7R 3Y8.


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PHOTO TOP: Search and rescue crews walk past debris caused by Hurricane Michael in Mexico Beach, Florida, U.S. October 11, 2018. REUTERS/Jonathan Bachman