The Need

Since its very beginnings in 2011, South Sudan, the world’s youngest country has been a country under fire. Political instability and poverty have continually devastated the lives of many who call this country their home.

For one million people, violence became so bad that staying at home was no longer an option. Families were forced to make a nearly impossible decision: leave everything behind in search of safety hundreds of kilometers away, with no guarantee of finding it.

Today, one million South Sudanese people are taking refuge in Uganda because of war. Over one quarter of these refugees – 287,000 people – now live in a single settlement called Bidibidi. Half do not have access to a proper latrine.

Without reliable access to proper latrines, families are at risk of cholera, typhoid, and other deadly illnesses.

The Response

Latrines can help protect families, provide dignity and eradicate diseases.

For the last two years, our local team has been helping some of the most vulnerable people in Bidibidi – disabled persons, the elderly, orphans, and female-headed households. Often humanitarian assistance programs leave these groups of people behind. However, World Renew is prioritizing the construction of latrines for the most vulnerable. Our local team has already built 1,550 latrines, and we want to build even more.

Through something as simple as building a latrine, lives are changed.

How You Can Make a Difference

We’ve recently had to put a hold on this important work because of a shortage of funds. However, the needs in Bidibidi are still enormous and urgent.

6,000 of the most vulnerable families have been identified. With your generous support we can begin the work of providing latrines again, and ensure that these families are healthy and safe.

A gift of $250 is enough for one latrine for an entire family.

From July 17-August 31, our goal is to raise $75,000 – enough to build 300 latrines and change 1,500 lives!

8/27 UPDATE: We've raised $75,000! Let's see if we can raise $100,00 to build 400 latrines!

Please give today.

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