Jadee, Poreh, and Yerieba support their family by farming a small plot of land. They grow rice and raise poultry and livestock.

Koinadugu is one of the poorest districts in the country. Most families make a living through farming, but many farmers are struggling as a result of high seed costs and poor soil quality. In this community, World Renew is working with a local partner, Christian Extension Services (CES), to help farming families grow resilient crops. This way, they will be able to have more food to eat, even in the dry seasons.

In a country where very few women have access to their own land, Poreh Mansaray is proud to have a field in which to grow her rice crops. Poreh is a member of a Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security (SAFS) farming group in Seduya that is being promoted by CES. Poreh was able to expand her rice field, and is excited to see that other women in her group are also having success in farming.
The Mansarays harvest a variety of crops on their land, such as rice, corn, peanuts, and peppers. They also rear goats and other livestock. These farming activities are helping Jadee and Poreh to provide well for their three young children.
Kenku Mansaray, middle right, attends classes at the school in her village. Improving income among farmers leads to imrpoving school attendance. World Renew partners encourage school for girls and boys.
Life can sometimes be hard for the Mansarays — they have a tight budget and a small amount of land, and they do not always have the resources they need. Even so, they are working hard to have a successful farm and to help make their community stronger. Here Poreh Mansaray, left, with some of her children, take shade under lean-to structure on the land they farm. World Renew partner Christian Extension services has been helping the Mansaray family learn new farming techniques to improve their crops and make their farming more productive.

Family members: Jadee (father, 1965), Poreh (mother, 1967), Yerieba (mother, 1981)Sheku (son, 1995), Kenku (daughter, 2001), Amara (daughter, 2006)

Hometown: Seduya, Koinadugu District, Sierra Leone

World Renew Partner working with the family: Christian Extension Services

World Renew Reporter: Daniel Lepp Friesen

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