The Marak Family

Meet Free A Family's Asia representative family!

The Marak family is made up of Martha Marak (mother, 1980), Wanchy (daughter, 2002),Lening (son, 2004), John (son, 2006), Critica (daughter, 2011).

The Marak family is from Meghalaya, India. They live in the Nongladew village, a place with majestic mountains reaching up to the clouds. Amid this scenic beauty lies a small thatched mud house shared by Martha Marak and her four children.

Martha moved to this village when her husband abandoned her in 2009. It was a difficult time for her, and she was forced to start over with absolutely nothing. However, through hard work and strong willpower she managed to build a house and begin farming a small plot of land to support her four children. She also hires herself out as a day laborer for jobs such as washing, cleaning, and working on other people’s farms.

On her own land, Martha grows banana, broom, pineapple, corn, orange, lemon, pumpkin, watermelon, and chili. She is thankful to have nutritious fruits and vegetables for her children to eat, and she doesn’t have to purchase as much produce at the market.

World Renew is working in Nongladew through its partner NEICORD. Together, they are helping families like the Maraks find long-term solutions to poverty. This includes programs in food security, agriculture, child health, improved sanitation, and savings for business initiatives.

As a single mother, Martha’s workload is especially heavy, but she is committed to providing for her children. She is thankful that they attend the Sunday school at a local church. They are learning about Jesus, and they pray together daily as a family.

“Besides my children’s physical health, I pray for them to grow up to be good adults and citizens. I want them to stay in school, and not pick up bad habits,” Martha said.

Please continue to pray for Martha and her children as they work to permanently overcome poverty through Free a Family®.

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