Milon: Farming in the Age of Climate Crisis

Bangladesh is at the forefront of our changing climate.  In recent years, the low-lying country experienced more cyclones and flooding that bring saltwater further inland, depleting the soil and causing crops to fail. 

This was the story in Milon’s village until farmers received the training and tools from World Renew to adapt to climate change. 

Milon works at the village’s composting pit where farmers gather organic waste to create thick, rich soil for their fields. 

As Milon cares for the soil, her crops increased–enough to feed her family. Milon even sells the soil to other farmers for a profit. 

Composting is a small start to addressing climate change, but for farmers who rely on the land, it is an important one. 

Thank you for sharing hope with Milon and other farmers on the frontlines of climate change. 

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