A catastrophic earthquake shook Nepal on April 25, 2015 and caused tremors as far away as China and Pakistan. A major aftershock occurred on May 12, 2015, causing further destruction. This earthquake left over 9,000 dead and millions without homes.

World Renew is working in Nepal, in partnership with local churches and other Christian organizations, to bring relief to earthquake survivors. Through the support of individuals, churches, businesses and other relief and development agencies, over $3.4 million has been raised to help those in greatest need.

In the first year after the earthquake, World Renew focused on providing some of the most severely affected families with emergency assistance including food, water, hygiene kits, and materials for temporary shelters. Today, over two years laterthe focus has shifted to addressing long-term needs through constructing earthquake-resistant shelters and helping to rehabilitate the local economy.

To date, 131 new earthquake resistant shelters have been completed and an additional 103 have begun construction. World Renew is also helping to rehabilitate and develop the livelihoods of community members who depend on agriculture to survive. Through this work, families are less vulnerable and better prepared should another natural disaster happen.  

World Renew Nepal Earthquake Response: 1 Year Update

International Relief Managers:
Peter Diepersloot, Harry and Annie Bergshoeff, Mike & Colleen Hoyer, Greta & Harry Harsevoort, Dwayne Nienhuis
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