Sandress, the father, and Loyce, the mother, have four children -- Belita (22 years old, who lives outside the home with her own family), Leonard (18 years old), James (11 years old), and Edith (10 years old). In this community, World Renew is working with our local partner, the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) -- Synod of Zambia.

For a long time, Sandress and Loyce did not have the resources and knowledge they needed to earn a steady income or save money. They lived in a house without adequate lighting. As a result, their children were finding it very difficult to do their homework assignments and study after dark in the evening, and they were performing poorly at school.

When Sandress and Loyce became involved in Free A Family programs carried out through CCAP, their lives began to change for the better. The couple joined a village savings and loan group in their community and started making weekly deposits into a group fund that gave members access to loans they could use and repay without the high interest rates typically charged by banks. 

With their loan, the Nyirendas purchased a Vitalite solar lighting system -- an environmentally-friendly light source -- that they could use in their home. This system made it possible for their children to do schoolwork in the evenings. As a result, their children’s performance at school greatly improved!

Through World Renew’s partners, Sandress and Loyce were also trained in conservation agriculture practices that help farmers produce resilient crops, even in times of drought. They have experienced many benefits of conservation agriculture, such as how it reduces the cost of production by using of manure instead of expensive chemical fertilizers that affect soil fertility.

The Nyirenda family is growing in their understanding of God, having a positive impact on their community, and taking critical steps in their journey out of poverty through Free A Family

Please continue to pray for the Nyirenda family

Family members: Sandress (father, 1963), Loyce (mother, 1970), Leonard (son, 2000), James (son, 2007), Edith (daughter, 2008) and Belita (daughter, 1996—lives outside of the home with her own family)

Hometown: Chambalasese Village, Phikamalaza Chiefdom—Lundazi District

Source of Income: Sandress and Loyce support their family by farming. 

World Renew Partner working with the family: The Church of Central Africa Presbyterian—Synod of Zambia.

World Renew Reporter: Ruairidh Waddell

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