12 Months of Christmas


Give tidings of comfort and joy this year by signing up for World Renew’s 12 Months of Christmas Club! For $45 for one month or $540 for a year, you can share a beautifully-designed art card with family and friends while helping people around the world overcome poverty and hunger. 

**Each gift helps someone who lives in extreme poverty, on less than $1.90 (USD) a day**

Would you like to send a gift acknowledgment card?

A gift acknowledgment card lets a loved one know that you made a gift to World Renew in their honor.

Please indicate the quantity card(s) you would like to be mailed. The mailing address will be collected at checkout.


With your 1-year pledge to 12 Months of Christmas giving, you will receive a reminder of your donation each month in the mail. The gifts you give to families around the world include favorite items like a goat, a water filter, childhood nutrition kits–and much more!

In exchange, you will receive a display stand and 12 beautifully designed, 4-inch by 5.5-inch mini-art prints and envelopes that feature encouraging words of faith from Scripture to display or to mail to your loved ones. Join 12 Months of Christmas through World Renew’s gift catalog, and you’ll receive a whole new set of catalog items to give families, plus 12 new mini-art prints.

**Each gift helps someone who lives in extreme poverty, on less than $1.90 (USD) a day**

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