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Dec 21, 2017

Conservation Agriculture: Solution to Exhausted Soil

Mr. Steven Oyoga in his field

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Dec 19, 2017 by Esther Kuhn

Caring for the Vulnerable with a Garden

In my last post, I talked about the orphan and HIV/AIDS program we are working on in partnership with the Senegalese Lutheran Church Organization. I have since visited the program again and was again impressed with the staff’s care and support of the many vulnerable children and adults who often have no on else to talk to about their plight. HIV/AIDS is still taboo here so patients hide their status from relatives, perhaps protecting them from stigma but leaving them lonely and unsupported.

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Dec 19, 2017 by Irene Zepeda de Murillo

Producing with Conservation Agriculture

Nery Antunez is a farmer from the community of Cañada Galana. Nery grows corn, red beans, and other vegetables. He is very passionate about farming and is currently part of a farmers’ group in his community, as well as a member of a village savings and loan association. Nery is very happy with, and grateful to God for, the great support of the sustainable livelihoods program provided by World Renew and our Honduran partner,  Diaconia Nacional.

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Dec 19, 2017 by Bethany Cok

Faithfulness in Every Step

It wasn’t easy to get to Telemán. During the two full days of travel to this small town in the Alta Verapaz region of Guatemala, we experienced both a large earthquake and delays due to a mudslide. Another World Renew volunteer and I were traveling to Telemán with Adolfo Sosa, a country tier staff of World Renew Guatemala, in order to help supervise a rural health survey training.

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Dec 19, 2017

Hand-dug water pan impacts the lives of thousands of families

Karimboni village’s dream began in 2013 as the food-for-work program of a flood response project implemented by World Renew and our local partner, the Anglican Church of Kenya’s development service, ADS Pwani. After the flood response, ADS Pwani conducted a participatory rural appraisal with the Karimboni community, in which community members prioritized the expansion of their village’s water pan, a water-harvesting technology that involves the digging of a large crater that is then lined in order to collect rainwater runoff.

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Dec 19, 2017

Entrepreneurial Spirit Activated

Hellen Ebei in front of her solar panel used for her phone charging business

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Dec 19, 2017 by Daniel Lepp Friesen

Food for the Body and Food for the Spirit

(SIERRA LEONE) “Christian Extension Services is the John the Baptist of our communities!” exclaims Rev. Istifanus Bahago, leadership consultant with Resonate Global in Sierra Leone. Christian Extension Services partners with World Renew in this West African country, where poverty is a way of life for many people.

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Dec 19, 2017 by David Tyokighir

Hard Pressed but Not Crushed: Peace has found a stool to sit on

NIGERIA - Why is there so much evil and injustice around the world? Do people who do evil really find satisfaction when their actions bring pain to known and unknown persons far and near? We give thanks to God that there is healing, peace, and justice through the accomplished work of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, whose birth Christians worldwide will be celebrating on December 25. In response to this truth and God’s call upon us, World Renew continues to holistically empower the poor and vulnerable; facilitate healing for the broken-hearted; promote justice, peace, and... Read More

Dec 19, 2017 by Tom Post

Where There Once Was No School

Porlai is 6 years old and studies in year 1 class. Her father's name is Kha and her mother is Xong. They are ethnic Hmong and their village in Laos never had an elementary school until now. Thanks to supporters of World Renew and Tear Australia, and with the support of the government of Laos, we have made it possible for hundreds of young boys and girls like Porlai to experience the gift of education.

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Dec 14, 2017 by Ruairidh Waddell

IS it all in the detail?

Greetings everybody from a very wet Lilongwe, Malawi where the rains have started in earnest. It is my seven-year-old daughter Lucy’s job to check the rain gauge after every downpour and it is the one chore that she gets excited about — Lucy is very detail oriented.

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