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Oct 19, 2018 by Barbara Kayanja

Our Help Comes from the Lord, the Maker of Heaven and Earth

EAST AFRICA - We had waited in vain all week for a glimpse of Kibo, the summit of Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in all of Africa. Like the Psalmist, we were contemplating from where does our help come.

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Oct 18, 2018 by David Tyokighir

World Renew Walks Alongside the Poor as God Changes their Stories

NIGERIA - Nigeria has suffered many injustices leaving many hungry, hurt, angry, and bereft of the peace that God wants for His children. Marvel with us at how God is working through World Renew, Beacon of Hope, and African Widow and Orphan Support

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Oct 4, 2018 by Troy Sanon

Strong Partnerships Support Successful Saving

HAITI - In Haiti, World Renew's partner FOTADEL creates UZIMA through Village Savings and Loans groups, as well as programs in horticulture and literacy.

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Oct 4, 2018 by Gladys Mwangi

Conservation Agriculture - and Hustle!

TANZANIA - Sabina Makongo is a farmer and practitioner of conservation agriculture in the village of Nyamohonda, Tanzania. She was recently named a “Champion Farmer” by her village in recognition of her success and inspiration to other farmers. But it wasn’t always so.

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Oct 3, 2018 by Daniel Lepp Friesen

Growing Rice… and a New Church!

SIERRA LEONE - 1200 people call the town of Heremakono home. For the past 7 years, World Renew and our local partner, Christian Extension Services, have been working with this community in northeastern Sierra Leone to improve their situation, first by responding to local interest and then by helping them build a local leadership team.

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Oct 3, 2018 by Steve Sywulka

Only 107 Stories

ZAMBIA - It was such a strange feeling: was I really becoming numb to success? For hours, I sat and listened, as person after person shared how our programs have dramatically impacted their lives. By the afternoon of the second day, as people in village after village told their story, I found myself overwhelmed and numb.

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Oct 3, 2018 by Juvêncio Mataria

Rose and David: Devoted Parents and Champions for Better Health

MOZAMBIQUE - We are excited to share with you a testimony directly from someone who has experienced great change. Please meet Rose Jose. She and her husband have been great champions for changing mindsets about child and maternal health.

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Oct 2, 2018 by Jeff Cosico

How I Wish I Could Do More

PHILIPPINES - “This relief food pack will feed my family for two weeks, thank you”, shared by a young mother with two children. “Life was so difficult here, many of us are still paying our loans when super typhoon Haima (local name is Lawin) struck us two years ago.”

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