Life changed dramatically for over half a million Rohingya people in August 2017. Extreme violence, targeted at this ethnic minority group, forced over 655,000 people to flee across the border of Myanmar into Bangladesh.

The atrocities committed against the Rohingya people are impossible to comprehend.

They left their homes and all they knew with little more than the clothes on their backs and arrived to nothing. Months later, the situation has improved very little. Refugee camps are overcrowded and lack the essentials, including proper sanitation. Because of this, the risk of disease outbreaks are enormous. There are few opportunities to work in the refugee camps, so most have no way to provide for themselves.

As monsoon season comes closer, there are significant concerns as to what this means for refugees. Living in shelters made of bamboo and plastic tarp, any major storm will completely wipe out homes. Flooding is almost a foregone conclusion.

We need to respond now to prevent the loss of life later.

Already, we have provided food to nearly 200,000 people, and will help thousands more in the months to come. This is possible because of your generous support, matched by the Canadian Government and members of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

Please pray for the safety of the Rohingya families living in such perilous situations, and that the oppression of this people group would come to an end.

We need your support to continue this response. Please join us today. Together we can change stories from despair to hope.