Shati: A Story Of Hope

Shati lives in rural Bangladesh. She is recently married and volunteers with World Renew to teach the women in her community about nutrition.

She is also a farmer and an aspiring business woman who is a member of the local Village Savings and Loans group.

Thanks to World Renew’s training in community health, sustainable farming, and economic opportunities, Shati and her husband have enough to eat and enough to sell to start saving for their future. In addition, through World Renew’s work in gender equity, Shati is finding a place of respect, safety, and influence in her village.

Shati knows she brings value to those around her, and she has found support to pursue dreams of a good life for her family and her community. Shati’s village also receives tools, training, and support to improve their crop yields from generous donors in Canada and the United States. This support sows fresh hope and opportunity for Shati and her entire community to journey out of poverty and hunger.

When you give to families like Shati’s, you change the story of poverty– for women, Bangladesh, and even the world.