Ask Me About Simona

Simona Choc is a mother in Concepción Actelá who worked as a subsistence farmer, growing corn and beans to keep her family alive.

But farming was difficult. Hurricane Mitch damaged the village’s water reservoir in 1998,  and since then all 175 families in Simona’s village have been completely bereft of clean water, leading to diseases like diarrhea, fever, dysentery, and gastritis.

Simona’s family has always cared about the community; many years ago her father donated the land where her village built the local school.

In 2019, after three years of working in Simona’s community, World Renew and our partner ADIP helped Simona’s village revitalize their community again by raising funds for and constructing a safe and reliable water grid for all. Now Simona has safe water for her crops and for her children, Ingrid and Juana, to drink at home.

When you give to families in Guatemala, you support community health efforts so women like Simona can ensure their families thrive.

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