Since it became a country in 2011, conflict has crippled South Sudan, forcing many to flee their homes in search of safety and leaving millions without access to food.

Nearly 3 million South Sudanese people have been displaced, an estimated 1 million of whom have fled as refugees to Uganda.

Fighting has caused mass trauma and rekindled much of the fear and resentment that fueled inter-communal violence for so many years.

The ongoing conflict and mass displacement has also intensified the poverty and left families without access to the necessities. Hunger is rampant and diseases are threatening families because of a lack of proper health and sanitation facilities.

World Renew is responding to the needs of South Sudanese refugees living in Northern Uganda. Most South Sudanese refugees are living in settlements that are newly created. These settlements lack the infrastructure necessary for people to live there. World Renew, with local partner Here is Life, is constructing latrines for some of the most vulnerable households.

Years of conflict have left many traumatized, so Here is Life is also running a trauma healing program to help families process and cope with their experiences.

With no end of the conflict in sight, the needs remain enormous and additional support is greatly needed to ensure that projects can continue. Please donate today.