In Him all things are possible...

Mesi is an orphan. She lives with her grandmother. They have a small garden plot and they sell the few vegetables it produces at the local market. On good days, they have enough to buy food for the day. She dropped out of primary school because her grandmother needed her at home and the family had no money for school uniforms, shoes or books.

One day, while managing her small produce stand, a man came by. Thinking he would buy some produce, she was surprised when he offered her money if she would come with him for an hour. At first Mesi said no, it didn’t seem right. But then, as she talked with other girls, she learned that many of them earned extra income when they sold their body. Mesi had no idea of the risk she was taking.

Today, Mesi’s life has completely changed. She is part of a Stepping Stones* group and has started high school! The earnings she made as part of the group covered her school fees. Mesi dreams of becoming a nurse one day. She seems to be on her way!

Please consider walking alongside young girls, like Mesi, as they lift themselves out of poverty.


*Stepping Stones (SS) is a participatory approach which facilitates an individual to thoroughly explore the personal, psychological and social aspects, analyze the personal attitude, perception and behavior, making self-discoveries, discerning the existing options and enabling him or her to practice ways of change for desirable results. The whole process involves working with people in groups for a period of 12 to 18 weeks of sharing experiential exploration as they explore ability to develop and to look critically at the societal norms and values influencing their own attitudes and behaviors. This approach is one of several used by World Renew's Ministry Teams.

World Renew is investing in skills training and education for girls and livelihood activities for young women in more than fifteen countries, including Bangladesh, Cambodia, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India, Kenya, Laos, Malawi, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia.