World Renew is committed to helping small farmers feed their families and earn extra income through sustainable agriculture practices that protect and nourish the land. According to Roland Bunch, a leading expert on sustainable agriculture, World Renew has “increased food security, promoted Biblical principles of brotherhood and healthy ethnic relations, improved gender relations, [and] improved economic conditions … I would definitely put its work in the top quartile of NGO agricultural work around the world.”

This has been achieved through working side-by-side with local farmers to test and adopt sustainable agriculture methods that improve soil fertility, establish drought resistant crop varieties, boost productivity, extend the growing season through small-scale irrigation, secure post-harvest storage, and improve husbandry of farm animals.

World Renew serves both men and women farmers.  31% of families in sub-Saharan Africa are headed by women, and women produce 80% of its foodstuff. Yet they often don’t have access to credit or to technical training. In East and Southern Africa, 64% of farmers involved in World Renew’s agriculture programs are women. These women learn new agriculture technologies, have equal access to farm inputs, and provide leadership in farmer and savings and loan groups. As national land ownership policies change, such as is now happening in Tanzania, World Renew has helped both men and women farmers acquire titles to their agricultural land.

75% of World Renew’s agriculture work in Bangladesh, Honduras, Mali, Mozambique, Tanzania will be funded for the next year by Global Affairs Canada.