Community Development

Apr 18, 2017 by Jim Zylstra

New Power for Girls

Dar es Salaam is one of the fastest growing cities in Africa as well in the world, with an estimated population of 5M. The high rate of rural to urban migration results in unemployment, which leads many young girls and young women to engage in risky sex work to meet their financial needs.

Apr 14, 2017 by Raymond Mutava

Men Who Care

Throughout history and across the entire globe, a narrow idea of manliness has persisted. Being a man meant being fearless, worry-free, emotionless, invulnerable. Today there are still many cultures where men continue to adhere to this idea.

Apr 11, 2017 by Joseph Mutebi

Alcohol Ordinance: Victories Amidst the Challenges

Over a year after since starting the fight to rid Gulu District of sachet alcohol, the local Ordinance Diocese of Northern Uganda (DNU), with support from World Renew, finally received approval for this ban by the attorney general in Kampala.

Apr 7, 2017 by Esther Kuhn

Shalom in Salemata

Dear Friends: A few years ago, I wrote about a visit to Salemata in southeastern Senegal, where I had met with people and we had discussed their communities and challenges. Since then, I have traveled to the region a few more times, and last month we finally went with the whole team to do a workshop in Kedougou.

Apr 5, 2017 by Troy Sanon

Léogane Rural Transformation

Over the past three years, World Renew has supported the development efforts in 17 small villages on the hills of Léogane in Haiti.

Apr 3, 2017 by David Tyokighir

Lives and Communities Under Reconstruction

According to Zainab Maina, onetime minister of Women Affairs and Social Development in Nigeria, “Several interrelated socioeconomic factors have led to poor economic status for a large segment of Nigerian women, such that 70 percent of people living below the poverty line are women.” She encourages all women and people living with disabilities to empower themselves in order to improve their economic status.

Apr 2, 2017

Much More Than a Job

In January, I spent a week on the east coast of Nicaragua, where our local partner Accion Medica Cristiana (AMC) is working with remote Indigenous communities. After investing seven years of work in the area with AMC, our purpose on this particular trip was to help envision and plan out the next phase of how we can work together. During the week, we met with focus groups and heard some amazing stories. Later we visited with several people who welcomed us into their homes and showed us their fields and gardens.

Apr 1, 2017 by Bethany Cok

Singing Louder Because We Sing Together

As part of their presentation, they sang a song with this line in the refrain: “Yo quiero tener un millón de amigos y así más fuerte poder cantar…” (“I want to have a million friends, so we will be able to sing more loudly…”). This line stayed with me and with many of the team members from Pease, and I think it’s a fitting sentiment for a beneficial view of short-term missions. Teams come to Guatemala not just to serve but also to learn, build relationships, and witness the kingdom work being done in and by these rural communities.

Mar 31, 2017 by Kathleen Lauder

Alcohol Awareness Brings Transformation

In the past Sambath was an alcoholic. He was a burden to his wife and children. Sarom told us, “From 2004 until 2015, my husband drank alcohol every day and did not help with any work in the family. I was the only one who took responsibility for looking after the family and working on our farm to earn an income.” She continued, “Sometimes when my husband was drunk, he beat me and the children.” Sambath admitted to what his wife said and added, “I always forced my wife to give me money for alcohol, drinking, and gambling. I did not take care of my family, especially my children’s education.

Mar 30, 2017 by Tom Post


I recently had the opportunity to visit a community in Laos. My last visit was two years ago and I'm pleased to see so many changes coming about in the lives of the villagers and in the community as a whole.